Issue 39

Cover Art by Zach Stuef
Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize
Emari DiGiorgio A Guide for Souvenirs You Get Without Going on the Trip
Keith S. Wilson A Short List of Grievances


Ray Ventre Memorial Nonfiction Prize
Danielle Lea Buchanan Derailments
Tessa Mellas Keeping Houses
Garrett J. Brown A Third View of the Cadaver Room
Noam Dorr Fragment | Fragment


Andrew Gretes Bergson’s Time Machine
Mirri Glasson-Darling Spacehorse
Andrew Bales Year of the Cow
Melissa Ostrom Ruinous Finality
Anthony Blake There are Too Many Baroque Christs
Rebekah Bergman We Can Open Our Windows from the Top
Michelle Ross One or Two?
Marlin M. Jenkins This House is Our Burned Bodies
Leonora Desar Twelve
Nicole Stellon O’Donnell The Principal Can Go Fuck Herself
Second Grade Pain
Class Discussion Three
Michael Chin Training
Pj Carlisle Call of the Wild
Audrey Gradzewicz Elegy
Last Prayer
Anna Hundert Either I will find a way or
Here lies a woman who
Once upon a time
Chelsea Voulgares A Thousand Butterflies
Cat Ingrid Leeches Freezer Dog
Jonathan Cardew Bacon Man


Sam Martone The Doorbell Rang
Sanam Mahloudji Milk [Note that "Milk" was miscategorized in the print issue as nonfiction. This was a mistake! "Milk" is in fact fiction.]
Franz Neumann The Primitives
Janet Towle The Components of a Union
Carley Gomez In Her Absence
Phillip Scott Mandel Last Lectures on Fiddlesticks


Jessica Cuello Brit: Moby Dick Chapter 58
Chelsea Dingman In the Birthing Room
Chelsea Liston But when she dreams it, it is
Ori Fienberg Spectral Evidence
New Markets
Caroline Crew Occasional Poem
Occasional Poem
Molly Sutton Kiefer Desmoid: A Letter to my Tumor
Meghan Lamb Missing
Christopher Citro One Push on Top is All it Takes
Trenton Pollard Vibrato
Benjamin Mitten A Silent Film Concerning the End of the World
Wendy Wisner After Newtown
Samuel Piccone Desert Pass
Erin Dorney PS 19
Steven Chung Halfway Clinic
Kyle McCord My Father Considers His Brain Scan as the Moon Titan
Lisa Low Ruby’s Tampon
The Yellow Ranger
Wendy Oleson She Sheds Skin Cells
Stephanie Bryant Anderson Mother As a Forest and All That Was Lost in Her
Jessica Guzman Alderman Hurricane Party, Or Geworfenheit
Lindsay Lusby Wait a minute, there’s movement. It seems to have life–organic life.
Jade Hurter Fledgling
Dante Di Stefano Love is a Long Shadow, a Darkened Lamp
Norman Dubie Goya’s Cleaning Woman
The Landscape Painter’s Chair
Sarah J. Sloat Gone Blank
There Were All Sorts of Reasons
Nerve Telephone
Cortney Lamar Charleston Bibliophobia: Fear of Books
Charlotte Seley Pity Us Poor Devils
Leila Chatti Explaining the Attempt to the Doctors, Beginning with Two Lines from Darwish
Patrick James Errington Zombies Between Here and the Front Door
Auzelle Epeneter Balmy
Patrick Milian From Form
From Form
Jacob Sunderlin from Bloodsculpture


Angela Palm Election 2016: This Ain’t No Love Song
Anne Panning Body Language
Erica Trabold Borrow Pits
Sarah Fawn Montgomery Dually Noted
Susan Mitchell Truth
Lina M. Ferreira C.-V. María, María, María, María
Karen Green WW2A2Z
Jericho Parms A Man Walks the Length of a Field
Elena Passarello Four Horsemen


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