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Complaint re: Micropeople by Aaron Morris

by JHow April 27, 2017

Assistant editor Tony Piatti on today’s bonus story: Colonization meets consumerism in this formally written complaint by Aaron Morris. Complaint re: MicropeopleTM is a disquieting expression of consumer expectations in [...]

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Arabesque No. 1 by Lillian Kwok

by JHow April 25, 2017

Editorial intern Brian Czyzyk on today’s bonus poem: Delicate and magical, Lillian Kwok’s poem “Arabesque” begins with birds, and dances through fantastic images of the natural world. Here unfolds a [...]

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Notes from Crew Quarters–Online Ritual Redux

by Ethan Brightbill April 21, 2017

This week, Associate Fiction Editor Ethan Brightbill brought back an old Crew Quarters question for our editors: What is the first website you check after waking up, or alternatively, what’s [...]

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