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Risen from Sawdust and Sweat (and Maybe Snow): A Review of Adam Schuitema’s Haymaker

by JHow June 16, 2016

by Michael Berry One Friday night during my first winter in Marquette, some fellow graduate students and I braved a snowstorm for post-reading beers at a dive bar that more [...]

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We Can Never Be Brothers by Dahlia Seroussi

by JHow June 2, 2016

Associate poetry editor deziree a. brown on today’s bonus poem: “We Can Never Be Brothers” is both hypnotic and reflective, grounding us in the body while a murky world unfolds [...]

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The Quiz and the Pledge by JoAnna Novak

by JHow May 20, 2016

Managing editor Matt Weinkam on today’s bonus fiction: Please, I beg you, read “The Quiz and the Pledge” out loud. Few stories are so rich with sound or crafted with [...]

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