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Elegy with Lemon Trees and a Vision of God by Colby Cotton

by JHow August 11, 2017

Elegy with Lemon Trees and a Vision of God It was just as likely you were making love to God in a long column of shade, that He drove your [...]

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Sweat of Thy Face by Emilia Phillips

by JHow August 8, 2017

Sweat of Thy Face For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft —1 Samuel 15:23 When Mrs. Oake put her chubby sneakered feet on the desk, the grey muumuu slid [...]

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New Palmyra by Emily Jaeger

by JHow August 3, 2017

Editorial intern Brian Czyzyk on today’s bonus poem: “New Palmyra” is a poem of dichotomies. In carefully constructed couplets, Emily Jaeger combines poetry of place with portraiture. What emerges is [...]

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