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Writers on Writing #86: Laura Davenport

by JHow July 28, 2014

On Literary Relationships It’s six a.m. in Savannah and the email I’ve been waiting for arrives, the subject simply “poem.” My husband is in Prague for five weeks at the [...]

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Writers on Writing #87: Matthew Burnside

by JHow July 25, 2014

On Bitterness I’ll confess right away to being a hypocrite. I’ve written a lot about the unseemliness of bitterness in the past, of the very human petty envies that arise [...]

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Writers on Writing #85: Sylvia Chan

by JHow July 21, 2014

The Autobiographical Trauma There is a recent, though hardly new, trend in trauma writing. In particular, trauma is often the first and sometimes, only, aspect relayed in the writing – [...]

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