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An Interview with Fiction Editor Timston Johnston

by JHow September 29, 2014

by Michael Giddings & Matthew Weinkam “There’s been a change of plans,” says Tim. I’m at the front table in Babycakes, a local bakery in downtown Marquette, my notepad filled [...]

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Writers on Writing #92: Nate Pritts

by JHow September 23, 2014

Origin Stories Ask any two poets how they became what they are – when they first realized they were going to devote themselves to the writing of poetry – and [...]

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Writers on Writing #91: Anne Valente

by JHow September 18, 2014

Cicada, Snail Shell, Origin I grew up with a wooden metronome, a ticking steeple on my teacher’s upright piano. It kept time in her living room where our lessons were [...]

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