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Notes from Crew Quarters—Online Rituals

by MikeJacoby March 27, 2015

This week, we asked some of our staff about their online morning or evening traditions, specifically, what is the first website they check after they wake up or the last [...]

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It Started as a Noble Exercise in Masochism: Methods and Motives in Guy Maddin’s Art

by JHow March 23, 2015

Note from the interviewer, associate nonfiction editor Cory Ferrer: For thirty years, Guy Maddin has been thrilling art-house cinephiles at festivals around the world with daring and original work. His [...]

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Notes from Crew Quarters—Fun and Games

by MikeJacoby March 20, 2015

Up here in the frosty North, if we’re not suffering from the wintery temptation to keep warm in blankets and inhale carbohydrates, we might be languishing from the lack of [...]

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