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Mario Kart 64 simulation of a joyride on the Los Angeles freeway by Tom Kelly

by JHow February 20, 2018

Editorial intern Nick Hansen on today’s bonus short: Tom Kelly’s commentary on societal trends and his zany portrayal of everyday life draw the reader into a wonderfully anarchic world in [...]

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Notes from Crew Quarters–New Year’s Resolutions

by robertball February 7, 2018

We asked our editors how their New Year’s resolutions are going after the first month of 2018. Bill Nyfeler Associate Nonfiction Editor Northern Michigan University I have resolved never to [...]

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Mushing by Mary Jones

by JHow January 27, 2018

Associate fiction editor Krys Malcolm Belc on today’s bonus story: In “Mushing,” Mary Jones has created a narrator who is ready to visit the Alaska of dreams: an incredible place [...]

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