Issue 36

Cover Art by Jennifer Burton
Neutrino Short-Short Prize Winners
Sean Webb Pigworks
Jennifer Tseng Seaside Resort in Wartime


Waasnode Short Fiction Prize Winner
Miriam Karmel Pocket Full of Posies


Art Feature
Guy Maddin Collages


Traci Brimhall Arctic Tempest, or How to Appease the Kraken When It Comes for You
Michael Martone The Sun
C. Levison McGuire Once I Had Brains and a Heart Also
Aaron Apps The Formation of This Grotesque Fatty Figure
Jill Talbot Distance
BJ Hollars Hirofukushima
Sydney Lea Recovery Room
Marcia Aldrich Grub
Karen Hays CV x K
Beth Peterson Driving Wyoming
Terese Svoboda Osler-Weber-Rendu


Hybrid Essays
William Stobb Meaning
Liv Lansdale March Resistance
The Anatomy of Juggling
AK Benninghofen A Prayer
F. Daniel Rzicznek Two from Leafmold
D. E. Steward Junae
Charlotte Pence Upright but Apelike
Chelsea Biondolillo GEOLOGY//an investigation
GC Waldrep A Short History of the Republican Party
The Language of Accidents
Those Unglittering, Actual Matadors
Elegy for the Food Chain


Denise Dirks re: The Piña Colada Song
Bryant Davis Tumuli Park
Matthew Fogarty Maybe Mermaids and Robots Are Lonely
Extinction Event
Outline of the Moon
Melissa Goodrich Anna George
Janice Obuchowski King of the Goats
Andrew Wickenden Metal
Eduardo Jose Astigarraga The Genesis of Basketball
Amy Holt Bonesmith
Jessica Goodfellow The Girl Whose Favorite Color Is Eigengrau
Margaret Hermes Daughters of Eve
Allegra Hyde Americans on Mars!
Ryan Ridge & Mel Bosworth A Slick Six from Camouflage Country


Brianna Noll Some Questions about De-Extinction
We’ll Know to Imagine the Horse’s Snout, the Gelatinous Head of the Octopus
BR Strahan A Furnished Life
Kara van de Graaf Horse Fly
Excavated Girl
Terry Godbey The Girls’ Social Calendar Fills Up
Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren At the Right Hour of Winter
James Ellenberger Black Ice
What You Need to Know Now That You’re Dead
Elly Bookman Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Dara-Lyn Shrager Bee Mountain
Richard Carr Poser
Lydia Ship The Waiting Land Weights
Waiting Chains for the Traveler
Cynthia Manick When the Sun Speaks to a Lover
The Reaper in Me
Lesley Jenike Proofs
The Age of Innocence
Craig Beaven Preservation
Jonathan Johnson For the Finder of My Days
Soliloquy of the Presque Isle Sasquatch
Katharine Diehl For Hannah but a Long Time Ago
Laura Bernstein Sifting the Compost
Susan Terris Portrait of The Artist’s Shadow Wife
Clayton Adam Clark Skeleton
Edgar Kunz The Workbench
Elizabyth A. Hiscox The Red-Eye’s Departure
Ty Stumpf Marked
Sarah Sousa Deed of Gift
ML Liebler Last Night inside My Blood
Melissa Stephenson Deer Heart
Liz N. Clift Cold Storage
Rob Talbert My American Youth
Katrin Tschirgi Chimera
LA Johnson Landscape with Smoke
Gabriella R. Tallmadge The Animal Afterward
Meg Cowen Foreclosed
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