Issue 35

Cover Art by Jennifer Burton
Thomas J. Hruska Memorial Nonfiction Prize Winners
Brandon Davis Jennings I Am the Pulverizer
Christiana Louisa Langenberg Foiled
Sidony O’Neal Timely Reflections on the Death of Emergency


Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize Winners
Vandana Khanna Prayer to Recognize the Body
T.J. Sandella My Mother Prepares Me for Her Death


Steven Church Crown and Shoulder
Andrew Johnson A Late Migration
Lena Bartone The Bed
Joe Bonomo 34 of 86 Stories
Pablo Pinero Stillmann Mirror: A Found Essay from the Twitterverse
Jami Nakamura Lin Return, and Return
Meghan Brinson The Ivy Wife
Rachel Richardson Come Back and See Us
Nicole Walker On Anger
Monica Berlin Still, Rivers
Kyle Minor Seven Things about the Babysitter


Hybrid Essays
Nicole Stellon O’Donnell In Gratitude to the Dream Sequence
Irony Cuts Down the Tree Next to the Chicken Coop
Chicago Gothic
Liza Porter Labyrinth
Ming Holden Noah’s Tsunami
Caleb Curtiss Moth
Donald Platt and Mary Hambleton Offering Red
Harrison Candelaria Fletcher The Sorrowful Mysteries: A Family Lament


John Brown Spiers Belief
Liza Wieland Ship on Fire
Carol Guess and Kelly Magee With Fish
Lindsey Wolkin What I’m Asking
Douglas Silver Timeshare
Joe Sacksteder Earshot–Grope–Cessation
Khristian Mecom The Pretty Fall
Alisha Karabinus The Secret of Volleyball
Sean Prentiss The Nature of Things
Naria Kuzmich In Everything I See Your Hand
Scott Nadelson Girl Made of Metal
Maria Hummer Homegoing
Glenn Shaheen Witness Protection
C.A. Schaefer Refraction
Katie Cortese What to Expect When You’re Expecting
Rules of Combat


Kwame Dawes Spent Shell
Tree Husbandry
A Year
Callie Siskel Cocktail Hour
Lindsay Tigue Convergent Boundaries
Jim Daniels Christmas Miracle
Hard Candy
Abayomi Animashaun A Way of Seeing
Ocean Vuong Devotion
Meredith Davies Hadaway The Swimmer
Kerry James Evans Landscape, Red Crayon
Andrew Grace The Contractor
Memo to the Wild Girl I Was
The Doe
Bob Hicok A change in the rules
The vigil
Long distance l’amour
The autobiography of a mood
My love poems don’t have to seem like love poems to you
Jason Allen Brother
Jason Tandon Paper Mill in Winter
Gerry LaFemina The Brontosaurus Incident
Adam Tavel Ode to Fuck
Lawrence Eby I Haven’t Been Sure of Anything
Dennis Ross Grieving
Andrew Kozma Rise up! Rise up!
Kyle McCord In the Event of an Emergency, the Gallons of Gatorade
Norman Dubie Elegy for Jack Gilbert
Jar City
The War Scroll
Out of the Junkyard, at Delphi
Fire Wood for Sale
In a Matter of Adders


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