Issue 38

Cover Art by Zach Stuef
Neutrino Short-Short Prize
Alex McElroy Responsible Fear
Alexandra Lytton Regalado Mosaic
Jennifer Ghivan The Trial
Nickalus Rupert Ballad of the Tomato Lady


Waasnode Short Fiction Prize
Jonathan Escoffery In Flux
Robert James Russell She Lit a Fire


Karen Babine Negative
Katrina Prow The Stars at Night Are Big and Bright
Ingrid Jendrzejewski The Middle Ground
Timothy Raymond Wishers
Joseph Michaels How Big Was Big John?
Timothy Schirmer Trailer Fire
Marc J. Sheehan An Anti-Lament for the Great Age of Barnstorming
Kristina Marie Darling & John Gallaher In This Best of All Possible Worlds
Steven Wolf There Are an Infinite Number of Stories to Tell, But Eventually You Run Out of Time
Rebekah Hall Question
Nicole Rivas Death of an Ortolan
The Last Meal Chef
Taylor Gorman Bear


Anne Valente The Whispering Arch
Mary LaChapelle Saab Story
Skye Anicca Trimmings
Nini Berndt Trash Boys
Victoria Miluch Landfill #49
Ari Laurel Kissy Suzuki Puts On Her Face
Erinrose Mager Wedding Day
Jacob Guajardo What Got Into Us


LaTanya McQueen Points of Interest


Hybrid Essays
Angela Pelster Once, Then
William Stobb Toward the Oblivious Factories
Matthew Minicucci How to Insert a PICC Line in the Subjunctive Mood
Mika Taylor & PR Griffis Rodchenko Redacted
Justin Lawrence Daugherty & Jill Talbot How to Mix the Perfect [ ]
Julija Šukys There Be Monsters
Sonya Huber Prayer to Pain
Michael Madonick Complaining of the Resurgence of Hawks, a Blue-Haired Woman Calls the Radio Naturalist to Grouse of Carnage Near her Bird Feeder
Natalie Vestin The Giants of Mountain Iron
Kelcey Parker Ervick Empty Nest/Emptiness
EJ Levy Natural World
Laura I. Miller Excerpts from We’re Not Heroines
Sarah Minor Mississippi Pearl: A History of the Interior
Dustin Parsons The Fujita Scale
Come Celebrate the Radial
Arm Saw
Wind Turbine


Gabrielle Bates Cinderella as Told by Grackles
Augury for a Younger Brother
Chris Speckman retroflective
Paige Lewis When They Find the Ark
Mark Neely Star Vehicle
Off the Grid
Amy Marengo + On Vacation
Zach Mueller Nightswimming
Skye Shirley Bestiary
Ruth Foley Fossil Record
Note to Self
Naomi Mulvihill Cesium 137
Rachel Edelman Icarus, Again
Owen McLeod Equitum Tres Coloratum
La Fin de L’Été
Sadie Hoagland Nine Stories (A Pantoum)
April Christiansen Afterlife
Sarah Ann Winn Appendix Crimson
Color Therapy with Rothko’s Lab
Maeve Kirk Parhelia
Ruben Rodriguez Processes
Ryan Croken After You
Caitlin Neely Chopin Plays His Last Concert
Michael Lisieski Things Blessed
Erin Jones Alcohol Gene
Bryce Berkowitz Boys Will B-Boy
Casey Patrick Calling Itasca We Must Be on You but Cannot See You but Gas is Running Low
Brittney Scott Medium
Jennifer K. Sweeney Still Life with Skeleton and Sight Word
Talin Tahajian Spring Rain
Michael Wasson Ligature
The Sacrifice
The Only Moment We Had at the Mouth of the Creek
Sara Henning Requiem for my Grandfather’s Suits
Philip Schaefer Once There Were Lions
Slip Not
Tyler Kline Advice from Stevie Nicks on Naming Night
Brandon Rushton Exploration of the Self as Enflamed Ethologist


The Importance of Listening, the Dangers of Assumption: An Interview with Leslie Jamison
The Astonishing Insight of Self-Scrutiny: An Interview with Eula Biss
Stealing the Truth: An Interview with Tiphanie Yanique


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