Issue 34

Cover Art by Jennifer Burton
Waasmode Fiction Contest Winner
Karin C. Davidson We Are Here Because of a Horse


Just Desserts Short-Short Fiction Contest Winners
Traci Brimhall After the Flood the Captain of the Hamadryas Discovers a Madonna
Nahal Jamir Girl
Rochelle Hurt Dirty Girl


Marc J. Sheehan Paradoxes of the Space-Time Continuum
Debt Obligations
Claire Harlan Orsi The Eternal Life of Dogs
Darren Morris Dura Mater
Soccer Mom
Stefani Farris Nothing is Precious
Meghan Perry Changing Water
Jonathan Starke A Constant Stream of Abrupt Movements
Doug Lawson My Year under the Dog Star
Michelle Dove Unknown
Allen Woodman World’s Best Joke
Toni Graham Burglar
Hans Burger The Secret History of Love
Wendy Rawlings The Hiccup


Matthew Vollmer Epitaph XII
Epitaph XVII
Epitaph XXIX
Ann Neuser Lederer One Point Five Hours at the Group Home
Jenny Boully Mourning Suit
Brenda Miller Dress Code
Brandon Davis Jennings An Introduction to Badass Continuum Mechanics Or How They Pound Ass in Baker
Christine Caulfield Remains
Karen Hays 4s↑↓ (in absentia, or, where iron is a tiny prey animal)


Hybrid Essays
Michael Filas The Lyrica Cantos—Canto VIII
The Lyrica Cantos—Canto IX
The Lyrica Cantos—Canto X
Emma Ramey When You Take Your Waking Slow
Kristin Abraham Pink Jesus (Or, Budget Truck to Zion)
Elena Passarello Harriet (1830—2006)


Oliver de la Paz Nocturne with a Body Beside a Hive
Nocturne with the Mummified Remains of a Girl
Pulled from a Bog
Nocturne with a Forensic Reconstruction of a Face
Donald Hall Bread and Butter
North Carolina Poetry Reading Circuit 1960
Sally Wen Mao On the Sorrow of Apiary Thieves
Ricardo Pau-Llosa Eva Tropical
NKONDA: Clearing a Path
Self-Portrait as a Hare
Mario Duarte Elegy for Our Dreams
Josh Kalscheur The Seminarian
Susan Terris Diptych: Fish-Eyes
Memo to the Wild Girl I Was
Memo to the Woman in Deep Denial
David Lewitzky Funky Chicken
Danse Macabre
Maria Mazziotti Gillan Why Is It When I Think of You
Roy Mash Letter to My Penis
Eric Higgins Asthma
Allison Hedge Coke Rucksack
Janet McNally Fairy Tales
Hecuba and Gravity
One More Daphne
Hiram Larew Marvely
Jill Osier Last Dream of Flowers
Philip Belcher Bait
Linda Nemec Foster NYC to Poughkeepsie: The Man on the Train
Inside the Crater
William Lusk Coppage Fantasies of Men
David Cazden Divination at the Hilltop Cemetery
In the Library at Dusk
Driving from the Vet
Esther Margaret Ayers Wild Berries
CM Pretorius Purple Storm
TV Guide
Lynn P. Elwell In the Amber Light of Days
Henry Hughes Each Pocket Has a Chute
Blue Helmet
Heartfall at Seventeen; Or, How I Became a Country Singer
John Azrak What Breaks
Sarah Burke Summer, 1999
Drive Thru
Joseph Fasano Reading to the Blind
The Blind Foal
Matthew Minicucci Icarus


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