Issue 33

Julie Marie Wade Mrs. Anderson [Or a Study of Apocalypse as an After-School Special
David Jaicks Dog Nation
Deborah Thompson When the Future Was Plastic
Cassidy Hart What Pigs Eat
Chase Dressler To the Right of My Navel
Darrin Moir King of the Hill
Ander Monson I in River
Brandon Grew Axiomatic
Mary Elizabeth Pope Personal Space


Chidelia Edochie Tell Me about Your Country
Grant Tracey Seeing Red, Feeling Blue
Meredith Neuman Spaces
Joe Woodward The Season of Her Imagination
Roxane Gay The Nature of Living Things
Morris Collins Brick
William R. Hincy Amen
Molly Bonovsky Anderson Apache Clouds
Laura Adamczyk Getting Together
Jacob White Episode before Putting on Pants
The Oldest City
Lauri Anderson The First Good Thing


Charlotte Muse Nocturne
Patrick Lane Solstice Coming
In the Dry Hills West of Hermosillo
Mute Swans
Jacob Newberry Sarajevo
Lee Rossi “Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty”
Dejeuner sur l’herbe
Michael Marberry Fireworks
Windigo, OH
Tarfia Faizullah Register of Eliminated Villages
Kurt Olsson Just Once
Chad Davidson The Grotesque
Mariela Griffor The Psychiatrist
Death in Argentina
Jacques J. Rancourt Mountain-Jawed Woman
The Mountain-Jawed Woman Shoots a Doe
Francesca Bell Scorpions
Alka Roy Red & Blue
Katie Cappello Iconography of Love
Andrew Kozma In Praise of Praise
Gerry LaFemina Any Penance that Might Have Saved Me
Barbara Pelman Walking the Dog
John Hilden Birthday Dream
David Dodd Lee Mishawaka Avenue, after Snow
The Parents
The Silence
Gary Dop Bill Bitner Attends His Grandfather’s Funeral
Yvonne Blomer Suspect
Cynthia Woodman Kerkham One Hundred and Three
You Came Home
Rodney Torreson 1969
Mary Ann Samyn It’s Never Just a Minute with You
I’m Telling You the Story of Right Now
Donald Platt Star Magnolia
Andrea England Re: Sister City, Plastic Duck, Vondelpark
Grace Cockburn Cuneiform
Pamela Porter Emily Dickinson Crosses the Waters
Another Life
Didi Gibbs Wayfaring Stranger
Nick McRae Prayer
Heather Cousins Mindfulness
David Wagoner On the Metaphors of Prophets
Being Sensible
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