Issue 31

Cover Art by John B. Herman
Jennifer K. Sweeney The Returning
Mary Biddinger Cooperative Efforts
Ode to Your Innocence
Mary Beth Ferda Mysore
Meeting in the Daytime
Nicholas Reading The Pockets of Ollie Grooms
Missive and a Coffin
Packing the Truck
Paper Moon
Hailey Leithauser Ceci N’est Pas une Poésie
The Moon Speaks of Things that Go Bump in the Night
Bob Hicok Watching my father watch (seriously) “Joy in a Can”
Black hole, white whale
Priscilla Becker Only Something
Mark Neely Lorenzo on the Stoop
Malachi Black Under an Eclipsing Moon
Dining after Dawn
Sleepwalker, Lost
Kim Chinquee I Ate the Insides
Jordan Davis For Dylan Moran, or After Him
The Shouting
What Goes, What Stays
The Idea Itself
Mariela Griffor Cattys
Connie Voisine After The First Road
Christine Garren The Predator
The Star
Charmi Keranen Seney
The Teeth of My Existence are Buriedin the Wall
Claudia Burbank The Pleasant Grove Home for Men
Tim Lockridge It Is Time to Return
Pamela McClure Recitation
August Segrest Heaney and Rick
Joseph Wood Entering Vegas from the East, Wee Hours
John Poch Sevilla
Jim Daniels Sonnet in the Key of M (Mature)
Paul Scot August Railroad Bridge, Rice Lake, Wisconsin
Sarah Maclay The Faith of the Skeleton
Cut City
The Blunt Edge of Wanting
Jonathan Johnson In
Naoko Fujimoto February
Eyelashes, Four
A Pianist
B.J. Best Sudden Prayer
Sudden Prayer for the Climbing Tree
Sudden Prayer for Poison Ivy
Jane Mead The Narrows
Vacuum Drama
Travis Mossotti Funhouse of Mirth
Maia Rauschenberg The Day That Spaceship
Jamie Brunton Reclaimed Land, Saltlick Township Road


James Schiffer Conversations with Richard Stern
Monica Berlin The Eighteenth Week
Michael Hemery With Honors
Gary Fincke Brains
Randon Billings Noble The Split
Aaron Gilbreath It’s Really Something You Should Have Examined
Hilary Selznick Chinese Food and a Movie
Jennifer Lynn Alessi Cousins


John Azrak I Am Listening
Katie Cortese Tug-of-War
Daniel John God Said Do Not Eat the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
The Anchovies of Anguish
Leaving Susan
Shelley Berg Reliable
Hadley Boyd The Ride
Becky Hagenston Ivy Green
Owen Duffy Skinner Lake
Katrina Denza Blue Moon
Agnieszka Stachura Heritage
Laura M. Gibson The Myth of Migration
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