Issue 30

Cover Art by Russell Prather
Karen Hausdoerffer No Particular Dogs
Jaquira Díaz Fourteen
Charisse Coleman Riding Shotgun
Lucille Lang Day Time-Out!
Amanda Giracca Mother Tongue
Jacob M. Appel Boundaries
Matthew Cashion The Girl Who Drowned at School
Dale Gregory Anderson The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You
Astrid Duffy Slagle The Shouting Boys
Jake Early A Rhapsody
Teresa Milbrodt Dohyo
Tim Johnston Redefined
Maya Sloan Christian Living
Amy Sickels Playing House
Francine Witte Dead Still
Moon Story
One Day, Mary Sends Her Shadow Out to Work
Rock, Paper
Ann S. Epstein Macaroni & Cheese
Rachel Vogel Getaway
Eliot Treichel The Golden Torch
Luke Rolfes Mountain Passing
Kathleen Hale That One About Us
Thomas Martin The Tomahawk Chop
Waasmode Fiction Prize Winner
Timothy Crandle Long Division
Just Desserts Short-Short Fiction Prize
Ira Sukrungruang The Dishwasher
Emma Bolden At First
A History of Loss
Keith Montesano Nocturne with Meth Mouth and Last Rites
Hannah Louise Poston The Foreigner
Trail Ride
Lauren Jensen Nevertheless, the Alewives Will Show Up Again
Erinn Batykefer Pittsburgh as Self-Portrait
Pelvis IV with Blue, Santa Fe
Clam Shell
Jonathan Rice Spell to Draw the Spirits from Lake Jocassee
Swim Lessons
Curtis Bauer You Know You Want It
Lisa J. Ampleman Background Noise
Within Sight
Colette LaBouff Atkinson Urban Cowboy
Jesse Lee Kercheval Straight Line
Chad Sweeney The Mile
Jennifer Juneau Home Study III
Pamela McClure Horoscope
Weston Cutter What Follows
Jeff Hardin Practice
Mountain View Couples Club
Julia Clare Tillinghast-Akalin Some Possible Endings
Ashley Nicole Montjoy If I were a Painter, then I wouldn’t have to Write this Poem
Molly Bendall Under the Quick
Sleep Like a June Bug
David Dodd Lee One Evening, A Train
I Love to Have Dreams and Have Them Come True
Courtney Jo Good Atlas Pit
Old Enough to Watch Yourself
Shane Seely For the Swamp King of Kalispell
Against Reading
Rehearsal for an Execution
Adam Houle No, Your Boobs are Not Falling
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