Issue 29

Cover Art by Thomas Capuccio
Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize Winner
Sandra Beasley Helios. Hecate.
The Green Flash


Thomas J. Hruska Memorial Nonfiction Prize Winner
Maureen Stanton Miss Somebody


Gregory Fraser An Interview with Bob Hicok


Chad Davidson Target
Gold’s Gym
Marianne Kunkel Before I Was Born
Paul Gibbons Their Skin is the Last to Sleep
Katie Chaple Returning Madame Bovary
Charlie Chaplin Enters a Charlie Chaplin Lookalike Contest
My Epicurean Curse
Judson Evans Trial by Fire/Trial by Water
Michelle Bitting Strange Flesh
Rodney Gomez Alton Field
Balloon Artist
Stephen Graham Jones Animals I’ve Known
’Tis the Season
Britton Shurley after reading kafka, depp eats a gingerbread man
depp’s favorite photo
Gary Wilkens Recollections of Childhood
Supritha Rajan The Cook’s Daughter
Carol Was To Wolfgang Puck after Making His Carrot Loaf
My Mocha
James Doyle In the Planetarium
Lauren Shapiro Going to Hawaii
Learning Curve
Janice Fitzpatrick Simmons Penelope On the Suitors
Sally Rosen Kindred Mercy on Pecos Road
Orange and Gold
Michelle Mitchell-Foust Hand Dovecote
William Wenthe The House of Fabergé
Jean Nordhaus The Past
The Tower of Clementines
The Dog Shark
Kimberly Kolbe After (The Beach in August), We Go Back to the City
F. Daniel Rzicznek Grist
Doug Ramspeck Equivalence
Blue Toaster
Mary Ann Samyn I need a ribbon. Draw me a ribbon.
Draw the sounds coming out of the drum.
This is a bowl of broth.
Scribble on this wall.


Joe Oestreich In Any August
Dorene O’Brien Tarantulas, Southern Comfort, a Place to Shut My Eyes
William Bradley Force
David Harris-Gershon After the Fact
Elizabeth Gallu Frusina’s Kitchen


AC Lambeth The Bishop’s Cake
Ajani Burrell South of 16th Street
Tyler McMahon The Longest Wave
W. Todd Kaneko Halloween, 1982
Abigail Keller A Place I Could Dive Into
Tommy Zurhellen Study for Bibi
Benjamin Drevlow Replacement
Fish for Everybody
Katherine Gustafson Florence
Mark Brazaitis Warriors of Love
Benjamin J. Wielechowski Dressing the Frogman
Mathew Goldberg Bat Mitzvah
Katrina Denza Madrid
Polly Rosenwaike Olivia, A Drive By
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