Issue 28

Cover Art by John B. Herman
Shayla Hawkins To Transcribe and Transfigure: An Interview with Charles Johnson
Rachel Pridgeon On Calluses


Writers on Writing
John McNally The Secret Life of Subtext
Rebecca Johns Let Me Introduce Myself


Carrie Jerrell The Poet Prays to Her Radio for a Country Song
The Recessional
Demolition Derby
For the Sparrows Who Lost Their Nests in the Southern Indiana Tornado
Mathew Siegel Maria Tells Me I Look Skinny
Back To This
Alison Stine The Thief
The Chairs
The Red Thread
The Flies
Shana Deets Hometown
Devon Branca Poseidon
Chad Davidson The Big Spill
Matt Rasmussen Reverse Suicide
The I
Cynie Cory Robbery
Do You Want to Take My Picture?
Eric Burger Scales
The Gulls
Gretchen Mattox How Text Breaks Down
Moored to the Achetypal Father Dark
A Forest Bleakly Mute
Formerly Bitten by Kittens
The Backwards Flight of Names
Sandra Beasley Allergy Girl III
Allergy Girl IV
Allergy Girl IX
David Dodd Lee Erotic Double
D.H. Tracy For Hart Crane
Safiya’s Recife Diary
Weston Cutter She Left Just Her Shoes and
Sarah Green Indirect Sunlight
October Recovery
Josiah Bancroft The Whale in Her Lap
Stand Off, Shoot Out
Megan Grumbling To The Reel
Tom Daley August, the Deaconess, Third Floor
Mary’s Song
Megan E. Shevanock Loch Ness
Encounter with a Fox
Jim Murphy Bellwether Radio
Mike Dockins from “Seventeen Jills”
Ralph Black Poems Blown About by the Wind
Mary Gilliland Holy Island
Matthew Ladd Early Memory of  my Mother, Amarillo
The Accidental Theatre
Josh Rathkamp Spectators Along the Interstate
Stopping for Directions
Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis For Six Seconds
Allegra Wong Boylston Street
Kate Covintree Study Hall
Gerry LaFemina Figure 9: Animal Suits Worn by Individual Performers
The Baptism of Clown Baby
Matthew Guenette Sudden Anthem
Capitol Steps
Willard Greenwood Insomniac
Donald Illich The Loser
Tom Dvorske The Hitchhiker’s Tongue
Rodney Torreson At the Elvis Hotel
You’re 18, Riding with Friends to a Record Store in Dylan’s Old Haunt of Dinkytown


Tracy Winn Izabel Tiago, Winner of the 2006 Waasmode Short Fiction Prize
Thomas L. Small The Librarian’s Assistant, Finalist for the 2006 Waasmode Short Fiction Prize
Midge Raymond Floaters, Finalist for the 2006 Waasmode Short Fiction Prize
John McNally Return Policy
Steve Almond Tiger Song
It’s Not Even Breakfast Anymore
Aimee La Brie In Mem
Gail R. Henningsen She Who Is Washing My Ex-husband’s Clothes
Caitlin Horrocks Zero Conditional
Allen Learst When Water Breaks from the Shore
Elizabeth Edelglass The Same Map
Andrew Bode-Lang Love, Love, Love
Susan Woodring Springtime on Mars
Daniel Gocella Do Flags
Leonard Kress The Burning Bus Club
Robert Glick Release
Teresa Milbrodt Lavendar Snails
Eric Vrooman Acknowledgments
Lois Taylor Nogo, Winner of the 2006 Just Desserts Short-Short Fiction Prize
Steve Edwards What’s It Matter If I See Blurry?, Finalist for the 2006 Just Desserts Short-Short Fiction Prize
Frankie Drayus The Legend of the Girl Who Was Allergic to Salt, Finalist for the 2006 Just Desserts Short-Short Fiction Prize
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