Issue 26

Cover Art by Greg Otto
Moira Egan eMuse
A Note to Miss Moore
Circe Offers Comfort
All the Old Weapons
Sonnet to a Muse
New Year’s Eve with Caesura
Another Card Trick
Phil Brady Virginity
The Naked Grandmother
Martha Serpas Bayou Lafourche
The Discipline of Non-Fulfillment
Hard Rain
Gregory Fraser Pussy
A Bottle
Ben Lerner from The Angle of Yaw
Ander Monson Aerialist
Self-Portrait with Transgression
Elizabeth Rees The Dead
Sinai Desert Walk
Russell Thorburn I Love You, Helen Baxendale
Flesh and the Devil
The 400 Blows
The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
Mary Gilliland As Though Finny Folk Would Flip
Continent, Not Country
Ron Rash White Wings
Blue Cat
Mary Alexandra Agner Men Granted Wings
Geese Speak
Phillip Sterling Of New Year’s Day
Between For & From
Nancy Botkin Parts That Were Once Whole
Doors Closing
Joan Houlihan Ferrets
Jim Burrows Dawn Delivery
The Work Force
Aviya Kushner Disco
Simeon Berry The Body of Evidence
In Medias Res
Laura Johnson Test Pattern With Red Flares
Daniel Tobin Stink Bull
Mike Dockins Splitting the Atom for Dummies
The American Thump
Joanne Lowery Mata Hari Zips Her Lips
Mata Hari’s Portable Life
Jennifer Perrine Stella
Ode to Julie
Bob Hicok Basic training
Ricardo Pau-Llosa Ladrón
Genre Painting in Prosperous Times
Jennifer K. Sweeney The Summoning
Christine Stewart-Nunez Your Death
Laurie Klein A Wink, Underwater
Lois Marie Harrod What the Phoenix Sings to the Ashes
Gerry LaFemina Putting Descartes before the Horse
Lorene Lamothe Gourds
Claire Bateman Passage


Waasmode Fiction Contest
Brett Garcia Myhren The Wife of Pedro Fages
Marla Becking North of the 53rd
Alma García Truly
Deborah Gerlach Klaus Freedom Ride
Erika Mikkalo Pick Up Sticks
Aaron M. Morales Flashflood


Just Desserts Short-Short Fiction Contest
Paula Belnap Animal Cages
Ander Monson Has She Gone Too Far This Time?
Gina Ochsner Rain
Ginger Strand Firefly
Bonnie Schwartz Marital Advice


Paul Crenshaw To Fly
Diana Joseph Love in the Land of Sweet Tomorrow
Lucy Bucknell Arrival
Kristie Betts Flagging
Abbey Palmer Finch
Harriet Rohmer Pearl
Stephen Clarke The Horse’s Name Was Friday
Linda Frysh The Third Floor
Jeanne Kocher Out of Order
Toni Jensen Chiromancer


Anne Panning Specs: My Life in Eyeglasses
Brenda Pike Revisiting
Corbin Collins Notes from the Middle of Nowhere


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