Rubber Bubble Rubble by Serena Eve Richardson

by JHow on June 5, 2017

in Announcements, Bonus Content, Poetry

Moon Mockery

Photo by Carol VanHook

Rubber Bubble Rubble
Children who lose balloons
throw up their arms, and watch,

Bursts wait
on the puffed purses of their mouths
as their eyes chew every bob,
silent spectators to a
drifting bruise.

Serena Eve Richardson is a poet, essayist, and singer/songwriter. She received her BA with a concentration in creative writing from Montclair State University. Her forthcoming album, Some Imaginings, features poems that have been transitioned into songs. Serena enjoys practicing Siljun Dobup, a samurai sword martial art in which she holds a second-degree black belt.

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