Notes from Crew Quarters–Other Worlds

by Ethan Brightbill on March 31, 2017

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This week, Associate Fiction Editor Ethan Brightbill had this question for  our editors: If you could live in any fictitious world, fantastic or mundane, where would you choose and why?

E. Flores
Associate Editor, Poetry
Bowie, Maryland

All My Circuits, a soap opera with robots within the show Futurama. Also, I’d be a robot, because you could just power down for as long as you wanted.

Jackson Keller
Associate Editor, Fiction
Livonia, Michigan

Persona 4, the best video game ever. I want to be a Japanese high schooler and solve murders in a weird parallel ghost dimension in between studying for exams and hanging out with friends at the food court.

Patricia Killelea
Editor, Poetry

Definitely the world of The Owls of Ga’Hoole. Also, I would be an owl.

Deziree’ Brown
Associate Editor, Poetry
Flint, Michigan

NegroTown, created by Key & Peele.

Hayli Cox
Associate Editor, Nonfiction
Morenci, Michigan

Pandaria (despite the flack it got) from WOW. For every reason.

Mike Berry
Associate Editor, Fiction
Troy, Michigan

The Summerlands from Michael Chabon’s novel, Summerland. Baseball in other dimensions? When do we leave?

Karl Schroeder
Associate Editor, Poetry
Buckhart, Illinois

Probably the place where Homer ended up when he stepped inside a bookcase to avoid Patty and Selma.

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