Waasnode Fiction Prize Contest Announcement!

by Jacqueline on August 24, 2016

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Phew. Contest season was a long one this year, folks. We just want to begin by thanking each and every one of you who contributed to the 2016 Waasnode Fiction Prize. Passages received over 200 wildly varied entrants, which made our decision a tough one. In the end, we sent four stories on to our judge, Tiphanie Yanique, and we’re thrilled to announce our winners!

Winner: Jonathan Escoffery’s “In Flux.”
About “In Flux,” Tiphanie Yanique writes:

This is a hyper real story written in episodic bursts which read quickly and compellingly. In Flux is a coming of age story about an American boy of Jamaican parentage who is in active pursuit of his ethnic identity. Along the way, he also discovers the depths and shallows of community created by individuals via friendship and romantic love. Meanwhile, his natal community is being torn apart–his parents are separating, and he and his brother are made to live with different parents. The story is often heartbreaking and even sometimes funny. We cheer for the main character, even when we are dismayed by his choices and the choices others make around him. Ultimately, the young man’s curiosity and ability to reinvent himself are his strongest traits.

Runner Up: Robert James Russell’s “She Lit a Fire”
About “She Lit a Fire,” Tiphanie Yanique writes:

This story is written smartly from the first person perspective of a father who is witnessing his transgendered child’s transition from male to female. Though the father is a dead beat and the child an angsty young adult, the reader feels for both of them as they navigate the American wilderness on an impromptu camping trip. A darkness at the heart of the trip keeps the reader feeling on edge. Ultimately, it is the dad who undergoes at least a couple of transitions over the course of the story.

Honorable Mentions Appearing in Issue 38
Ari Laurel’s “Kissy Suzuki Puts on Her Face”
Mary LaChappelle’s “Saab Story”

Thanks again to everyone who took part in this year’s Waasnode prize, and for your continued patience while we made a series of tough decisions. Keep an eye out for announcements about future contests, and for regular submissions opening September 1st!

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