Passages North is open for submissions for Issue 40 until April 15, 2018.

Please see the guidelines for each genre below.

Passages North is currently open to regular submissions until April 15, 2018. Look for our fiction and short-short contests to open in February 2018. See guidelines below for notes on particular genres. (Note that we have closed Fiction submissions temporarily to give ourselves time to catch up with the queue. Thanks for keeping us so busy with your stories, writers!)
  • Rocket Fuel Submissions

    Thank you so much for your donation to Passages North! Your contribution provides vital support in helping us showcase literature that matters and should be seen. While Rocket Fuel submissions will be processed at the same rate, and with the same consideration, as regular submissions, we can't tell you how much we appreciate your generosity. 

    Please indicate the work's genre in the title of your submission, so that we can forward it on to the appropriate editor. If you don't tell us, we'll make our best guess, which might get a little weird. As with regular submissions, please submit to only one genre per file.

    $3.00 USD - $10.00 USD
    Accepted Document Types: pdf, doc, docx, rtf
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  • Short-Short Submissions

    Send us up to three short-shorts (fiction, nonfiction, prose poems, whatever blend of that you do), all pasted into one document. If you need to withdraw part of your submission, please leave us a note via Submittable.

    On brand for our Short-Shorts: density + clarity, mystery + directness, science, diverse worlds and voices, an attention to the sentence, a final image or turn that breaks a reader, honesty about trouble, meditations that make us feel lost but not alone, restraint, suggestion, that image that makes us stop and re-read, robots, alternative histories, guilty pleasure pop culture, embarrassing obsessions, how to keep on trucking. That said, though, we try to publish an unlikely array of stories, so sometimes a straight narrative story with a punch gets us too.

    What matters is that your short-short feels bigger and more important than the space should allow. Try us.

    Genre editor: Jennifer A. Howard

    Accepted Document Types: pdf, doc, docx, rtf
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  • Nonfiction Submissions

    We're looking for all manner of well-written, innovative creative nonfiction including, but not limited to, lyric essays, personal essays, memoir, and literary journalism. We enjoy work that pays attention to form and language—whether traditionally or experimentally—and explores and challenges the boundaries of the genre. We seek work that is pathologically curious. That said, our primary concern is not with one particular component of creative nonfiction, but with the quality of the work.

    Genre editors: Matthew Gavin Frank and Rachel May

    Accepted Document Types: pdf, doc, docx, rtf
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  • Poetry Submissions

    We’re looking for poems that quietly crush our hearts. We tend to publish work that lets the lyric quality of the story take center stage, rather than overly formatted or experimental poems. Though we don’t shy away from poems with a political message, we must be moved by them. It’s rare for us to publish poems over two pages long. We receive many, many poems about the Upper Peninsula, Lake Superior, and other related regional topics.  We like these topics, but we can’t publish most of them. We want opening lines that won’t allow us to stop moving and last lines that leave us in a place we’ve never been, a place of quiet epiphany. We don’t accept translations. Please send us up to five poems in one document. If you need to withdraw part of your submission, please leave us a note via your Submittable dashboard.

    Genre editor: Patricia Killelea

    Accepted Document Types: pdf, doc, docx, rtf
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  • Hybrid Submissions

    In addition to standard (whatever that means) submissions in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, Passages North wants your hybrid essays. Send us your orphans, your bastards, your bumpings, and your grindings, whether whimsical, grave, or neither.

    Genre editors: Rachel May and Matthew Gavin Frank

    Accepted Document Types: pdf, doc, docx, rtf
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  • Writers on Writing

    Contribute to Passages North's online Writers on Writing column. Send us short essays about how you write, craft tricks you're willing to disclose, frustrations about your muse. Send us your lamentations and praises. Tell us stories about stories. Share your insider info. Read our previous contributors and fill in the gaps. (Please include a short bio.)

    Accepted Document Types: doc, docx, txt, rtf
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  • Purchase a T-Shirt

    Choose from the NEW green rocket shirt in 60/40 poly/cotton, blue "Dinoboy" design by Jennifer Burton in lightweight 50/50 poly/cotton, or gray rocket logo in a 90/10 cotton/poly. 

    $15.00 USD - $15.00 USD
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  • Fiction Submissions

    We like stories that start strong, and then get even better. Settings where we've never been, situations we couldn't have imagined, characters doing work we didn't realize we wanted to know everything about. That, or the achingly familiar told in a new way. We're ready to see a little genre-bending, or the story you know would get creamed in a workshop. Your story will stand on its own, sure, but we're looking to build an issue full of stories simultaneously varied and cohesive. Which is all to say, surprise us with the story we didn't know to ask for.

    Send us one short story. And while you are welcome to upload a pdf, don't think you need to do any fancy layout of your story before submitting. Simple formatting -- double-spaced in a readable font -- makes for the easiest reading for us. We promise: we'll make it look pretty when the time comes.

    Genre editor: Monica McFawn

    Accepted Document Types: pdf, doc, docx, rtf
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    Purchase the current issue or back issues of Passages North.

    $13.00 USD - $25.00 USD
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