Recent Contest Winners

2015 Thomas Hrushka Memorial Nonfiction Prize

Judge: Steven Church
 Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson, “On Nostalgia”

2015 Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize

Judge: Lynn Emanuel
Winner: Lindsay Means, “Antikythera”
Honorable Mention: K.T. Landon, “The Dead Go Bowling”

2014 Waasmode Short Fiction Prize

Judge: Rus Bradburd
Winner: Miriam Karmel, “Pocket Full of Posies

2014 Just Desserts Short-Short Fiction Prize

Judge: Connie Voisine
Winner: Sean Webb, “Pigworks
Honorable Mention: Jennifer Tseng, “Seaside Resort in Wartime”

2013 Thomas Hrushka Memorial Nonfiction Prize

Judge: Elena Passarello
 Brandon Davis Jennings, “I Am the Pulverizer
Honorable Mention: Christiana Langenberg, “Foiled”
Honorable Mention: Sidony O’Neal, “Timely Reflections on the Death of Emergency.”

2013 Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize

Judge: Aimee Nezhukumatathil
Winner: Vandana Khanna, “Prayer to Recognize the Body
Honorable Mention: T.J. Sandella, “My Mother Prepares Me for Her Death”

2012 Waasmode Short Fiction Prize

Judge: Caitlin Horrocks
Winner: Karin C. Davidson, “We Are Here Because of a Horse

2012 Just Desserts Short-Short Fiction Prize

Judge: Roxane Gay
Winner: Traci Brimhall, “After the Flood the Captain of the Hamadryas Discovers a Madonna
Honorable Mention: Nahal Jamir, “Girl
Honorable Mention: Rochelle Hurt, “Dirty Girl

2011 Thomas Hrushka Memorial Nonfiction Prize

Winner: Julie Maire Wade, “Mrs. Anderson [Or a Study of Apocalypse as an After-School Special]
Honorable Mention: David Jaicks, “Dog Nation”

2011 Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize

Judge: Henry Hughes
Winner: Charlotte Muse, “Nocturne

2010 Waasmode Short Fiction Prize

Judge: Rebecca Johns
Winner: Tori Malcangio, “A History of Heartbeats

2010 Just Desserts Short-Short Fiction Prize

Judge: Jennifer A. Howard
Winner: Darren Morris, “The Weight of the World
Honorable Mentions:
Thomas Yori, “That Day”
Jendi Reiter, “Altitude”
Edith Pearlman, “Sentimental Ballads”

Thanks to all who entered!

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