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Our Last Weekend in Savannah by Anna Weaver and Stephen “Doc” Hutchings

by JHow August 28, 2017

PN’s Jacqueline Boucher on today’s bonus spoken-word poem: With “Our Last Weekend in Savannah,” Weaver and Hutchings have achieved a kind of symbiosis. Neither Weaver’s quiet, meditative poetry, nor Hutchings’ [...]

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Blue by Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad

by JHow April 19, 2016

Spoken-word poetry editor Jacqueline Boucher on today’s poem: Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad’s poem, like the color it embodies, resists being classified as just one thing. On the page, and in Torbatnejad’s hypnotic [...]

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Blue by Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad (transcript)

by JHow April 18, 2016

[Listen to a spoken-word version of Blue here.] Blue He tells me, I see you rock a lot of blue, pointing to the icy glitter painted on my eyelids, blue [...]

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Broken Silence by Brok’N Sylance

by JHow September 9, 2015

Spoken-word editor Jacqueline Boucher on today’s poem: What’s in a name? In “Broken Silence,” Brok’N Sylance examines identity with a careful ear to rhythm. The poem builds on the strength [...]

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Broken Silence by Brok’ N Sylance (transcript)

by JHow September 6, 2015

Broken Silence Am no alcoholic but know the first step is admitting it. So yes I am Brok’N Sylance, and this voice is my evidence. This stage is my residence. [...]

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Brand, a spoken-word poem by Zarah Moeggenberg

by JHow January 30, 2015

Listen to the poem here. Brand She said she pictured everything, her father’s body leaning into Gemini soft in the light, that the daylight would be fleeting the open doors [...]

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Spoken Word: Saturday Morning Zumba at the YMCA by Rachel Gellman

by JHow October 28, 2013

Listen: Saturday Morning Zumba at the YMCA, read by the author. Rachel Gellman is a Bay Area-native poet and teacher living in San Diego. Her poems and book reviews appear or [...]

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J & F draw a line in the sand, by Island Vittles, on Flickr

Spoken Word: Conversations with my Drunken Brother by Leslie Rose

by JHow April 12, 2012
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Spoken Word: Alone and Free by Hamid Khosravanipour

by JHow April 3, 2012
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Grito by joãokẽdal on Flickr

Now accepting spoken-word poetry submissions!

by JHow October 13, 2011

Coming soon: a new regular online column featuring spoken-word and slam poetry. Submissions are open now. Associate Poetry Editor and spoken-word poet Zarah Moeggenberg, says, “We are looking for poems [...]

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