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Still Life by Brenda Miller and Lee Gulyas

by JHow July 20, 2017

Still Life When my cat was alive, and even days before her death, she brought in dead or half-dead creatures for my perusal. She lay them at my feet—their animal [...]

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I Am Pretending to be Something I Am by Tyler Barton

by JHow June 13, 2017

I Am Pretending to Be Something I Am Since he was sixteen, my son and I have been playing this game I call Empathy Chicken. It’s a little like a [...]

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Sailing Sounds Like This by Christopher Vondracek

by JHow June 7, 2017

Sailing Sounds Like This I heard NPR’s All Things Considered host Melissa Block interview Todd Snider, a musician, about a favorite “song of summer,” and he said what I thought [...]

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Rubber Bubble Rubble by Serena Eve Richardson

by JHow June 5, 2017

Rubber Bubble Rubble Children who lose balloons pop throw up their arms, and watch, outstretched. Bursts wait on the puffed purses of their mouths as their eyes chew every bob, [...]

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Photo by Mark Sebastian

The Gaffe by Mehdi M. Kashani

by JHow May 30, 2017

The Gaffe The film was about making a drama, which was about making a thriller, which was about making a comedy about the making of a horror flick. There were [...]

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Photo by Jack Satta

Lower Columbia Watershed Haibun: Field Notes on Going Home Again by Maya Jewell Zeller

by JHow May 16, 2017

Lower Columbia Watershed Haibun: Field Notes on Going Home Again 1. There are no watersheds downstream, only the ocean. There are no watersheds downstream, only the ocean. The ocean, the [...]

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I Explain the Dark Center by Lindsay Illich

by JHow May 12, 2017

Editorial intern Brian Czyzyk on today’s bonus poem: Lindsay Illich’s “I Explain the Dark Center” carries an earthy sensuality and juxtaposes a curious combination of images: a bathtub, tomatoes, and [...]

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A History of Morning Clouds and Contrails by Pam Uschuk (including bonus interview!)

by JHow May 10, 2017

A History of Morning Clouds and Contrails So you think that you can live remote from city streets paved with bullet casings, the beheadings of girls sprayed from cable TV. [...]

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The Flies at the Pool in DC by Douglas Macdonald

by JHow May 8, 2017

Associate fiction editor Krys Malcolm Belc on today’s bonus story: Douglas Macdonald’s tiny piece starts off as a fast-paced, gorgeous picture of two kids, Vito and Avril, on a regular [...]

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Poem in which my brother doesn’t come out to me, his gay sister by Kaitlyn Duling

by JHow May 2, 2017

Associate poetry editor Sara Ryan on today’s bonus poem: This poem by Kaitlyn Duling is intimate and moving. It questions. It quietly hints at something more. The relationship between the [...]

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