Each Breeze Began Life Somewhere As a Little Cough by Christopher Citro

by JHow March 6, 2017

Editorial intern Brandon Hansen on today’s bonus essay: Christopher Citro’s essay will sweep you up and spin you around, layering you in fallen trees and home explosions and radon, just [...]

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But There Is Also Rosa by Jennifer Maritza McCauley

by JHow January 18, 2017

Associate fiction editor Jason Teal on today’s bonus essay: An essay preoccupied with humanness could not have arrived at a timelier juncture in our country’s marred history. With everything piling [...]

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Our Bodies, Our Archives by Barrie Jean Borich

by JHow May 17, 2016

She wears her hair in a tall blond beehive. The first time I saw the documentary, I couldn’t stop staring, the freckles barely visible under her face powder, the unflinching [...]

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Georgette & Loulou Magritte by Kathleen Rooney

by JHow April 11, 2016

Managing editor Matt Weinkam on today’s bonus essays: Ekphrasis, I recently discovered, literally means “to speak out.” In Kathleen Rooney’s three ekphrastics she doesn’t describe the paintings of Belgian Surrealist artist [...]

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Pleasure Like Grief by Sarah Pape

by JHow September 3, 2015

Associate nonfiction editor Jenna Quartararo on today’s bonus essay: A beautiful mediation on perversion. Pape’s dreamy, lush prose explores the boundaries between our unconscious selves and our waking life, between [...]

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Clairvoyance by Kimberly O’Connor

by JHow April 27, 2015

Tracy Haack on today’s bonus essay: Kimberly O’Connor pairs unexpected images to simultaneously grow and shrink the world. Her writing slows time to give the soul a moment outside of [...]

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Animal Skin by Dana Diehl

by JHow April 23, 2015

Annie Bilancini on today’s bonus short”: Dana Diehl’s writing is symphonic. It’s a movement. On the page, the low hum of strings is matched with the lilt of a lone [...]

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CLEAR! Seven Theories of Space by Anne Hodges White

by JHow December 29, 2014

Associate nonfiction editor Ryan Kauffman on today’s bonus essay: My first experience with flight came on a family vacation to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. At dawn, my mother took me [...]

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If No One Can Be Kept Safe At All Times by Katie Jean Shinkle

by JHow July 10, 2014

Tim Johnston on today’s bonus essay: When I was younger, I thought tied bed sheets were step one to escaping prison. Weren’t there cartoon characters like or not like Donald [...]

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Expostulation by Thomas Cook

by JHow March 17, 2014

Managing Editor Tim Johnston and Nonfiction/Hybrids Editor Matthew Gavin Frank wildly over-introduce today’s bonus essay. Tim Johnston: If I had to guess what Matthew Gavin Frank would say about “Expostulation,” [...]

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