Sweat of Thy Face by Emilia Phillips

by JHow August 8, 2017

Sweat of Thy Face For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft —1 Samuel 15:23 When Mrs. Oake put her chubby sneakered feet on the desk, the grey muumuu slid [...]

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Still Life by Brenda Miller and Lee Gulyas

by JHow July 20, 2017

Still Life When my cat was alive, and even days before her death, she brought in dead or half-dead creatures for my perusal. She lay them at my feet—their animal [...]

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Sailing Sounds Like This by Christopher Vondracek

by JHow June 7, 2017

Sailing Sounds Like This I heard NPR’s All Things Considered host Melissa Block interview Todd Snider, a musician, about a favorite “song of summer,” and he said what I thought [...]

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Photo by Jack Satta

Lower Columbia Watershed Haibun: Field Notes on Going Home Again by Maya Jewell Zeller

by JHow May 16, 2017

Lower Columbia Watershed Haibun: Field Notes on Going Home Again 1. There are no watersheds downstream, only the ocean. There are no watersheds downstream, only the ocean. The ocean, the [...]

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Each Breeze Began Life Somewhere As a Little Cough by Christopher Citro

by JHow March 6, 2017

Editorial intern Brandon Hansen on today’s bonus essay: Christopher Citro’s essay will sweep you up and spin you around, layering you in fallen trees and home explosions and radon, just [...]

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But There Is Also Rosa by Jennifer Maritza McCauley

by JHow January 18, 2017

Associate fiction editor Jason Teal on today’s bonus essay: An essay preoccupied with humanness could not have arrived at a timelier juncture in our country’s marred history. With everything piling [...]

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Our Bodies, Our Archives by Barrie Jean Borich

by JHow May 17, 2016

She wears her hair in a tall blond beehive. The first time I saw the documentary, I couldn’t stop staring, the freckles barely visible under her face powder, the unflinching [...]

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Georgette & Loulou Magritte by Kathleen Rooney

by JHow April 11, 2016

Managing editor Matt Weinkam on today’s bonus essays: Ekphrasis, I recently discovered, literally means “to speak out.” In Kathleen Rooney’s three ekphrastics she doesn’t describe the paintings of Belgian Surrealist artist [...]

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Pleasure Like Grief by Sarah Pape

by JHow September 3, 2015

Associate nonfiction editor Jenna Quartararo on today’s bonus essay: A beautiful mediation on perversion. Pape’s dreamy, lush prose explores the boundaries between our unconscious selves and our waking life, between [...]

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Clairvoyance by Kimberly O’Connor

by JHow April 27, 2015

Tracy Haack on today’s bonus essay: Kimberly O’Connor pairs unexpected images to simultaneously grow and shrink the world. Her writing slows time to give the soul a moment outside of [...]

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