Motor City Slide by Judy T. Oldfield

by JHow January 31, 2017

Associate fiction editor Brenna Womer on today’s bonus story: Post-trauma and postpartum, the narrator of “Motor City Slide” is callous and distant, unfeeling but not without thought. She swings at the [...]

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Welcome Home by Jamie Shrewsbury

by JHow January 10, 2017

Associate fiction editor Brenna Womer on today’s bonus story: There is discernible pleasure and vulnerability in Jamie Shrewsbury’s writing, which, in her short-short “Welcome Home,” is achingly simple, like the [...]

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Two Stories from Michael Alessi

by JHow December 19, 2016

Editorial intern Jason Chenette on today’s bonus stories: In this pair of short-shorts, Michael Alessi explores the inherent dangers of brotherhood through video game worlds. At just over 100 words [...]

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Three Microfictions from Kate Simonian

by JHow December 13, 2016

Editor-in-Chief Jennifer A. Howard on today’s bonus stories: Today’s microfictions from Kate Simonian could fit into the palm of your hand but so does your house key, and they both [...]

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Interior with Storm System by Emily Geminder

by JHow November 7, 2016

Associate fiction editor Krys Malcolm Belc on today’s bonus story: In this tablespoon-sized wonder, Emily Geminder cracks open a mysterious, haunting person to find a whirlwind of devastation and its [...]

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The Classroom Beneath Our Classroom by Melissa Goodrich and Dana Diehl

by JHow October 11, 2016

New associate fiction editor Brenna Womer on today’s bonus fiction: A collaboration between Dana Diehl and Melissa Goodrich, “The Classroom Beneath Our Classroom” is a fast-paced story of childhood curiosity, [...]

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The Blood Mouth by Zachary Doss

by JHow September 26, 2016

Associate fiction editor Jason Teal on today’s bonus story: It’s an all-too familiar plot: Moving to a new place changes someone dear to you. The switch turns out not to [...]

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The Quiz and the Pledge by JoAnna Novak

by JHow May 20, 2016

Managing editor Matt Weinkam on today’s bonus fiction: Please, I beg you, read “The Quiz and the Pledge” out loud. Few stories are so rich with sound or crafted with [...]

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Weekend Out by Kyle Ellingson

by JHow May 10, 2016

Associate fiction editor Ben Kinney on today’s bonus story: Kyle Ellingson’s “Weekend Out” isn’t a word longer than it needs to be, but the story is stunning in the sheer [...]

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A Caregiver’s Return to Her Childhood Home by Katherine Ann Davis

by JHow April 7, 2016

Associate fiction editor Mike Berry on today’s bonus story:  The way Katherine Davis creates tension through language in “A Caregiver’s Return to Her Childhood Home” is breathtaking. Literally, Davis gives [...]

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