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Writers on Writing #122: Verity Sayles

by JHow October 11, 2017

Grief in Fragments Much of my nonfiction work is about grief. I used to try and disentangle myself from it by writing about dating or science. But how can I [...]

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Writers on Writing #121: Jessica Cuello and Jenna Le

by JHow June 19, 2017

When Writers Interview Each Other Note from the editors: Some readers may know Jessica Cuello’s poetry from her recent collection Hunt, which won The 2016 Washington Prize, and Jenna Le’s [...]

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Writers on Writing #120: Helen Chandler

by JHow March 22, 2017

Compose Email I want to write only in the least committed way possible, that is, in email drafts or text messages I send to myself, notes on my phone or [...]

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Writers on Writing #119: Andrew Gretes

by JHow March 13, 2017

Laughter as Editor Writing, to quote Joyce Carol Oates, is like “rolling a very dirty peanut across the floor with your nose.” Editing, sadly, is equally odious. I’ve been tempted [...]

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Writers on Writing #118: Dorothy Bendel

by JHow February 27, 2017

Writing, David Lynch, and the Shape of the Jug “The outward form of things passes away, but the essence remains forever. How long will you be besotted with the shape [...]

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Writers on Writing #117: Chelsey Clammer

by JHow January 5, 2017

Flowchart for Fixing an Awkward Sentence *Click on image for a larger version. Chelsey Clammer is the author of BodyHome and winner of the 2016 Red Hen Press Nonfiction Manuscript [...]

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Writers on Writing #116: Jennifer Wortman

by JHow December 15, 2016

In The Style Of 1. Sometimes at night I wake up without knowing I woke up. When I wake up not knowing I woke up, I will soon know sleep. [...]

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Writers on Writing #115: Brian Oliu

by JHow December 9, 2016

Starting Block 0.1  There is nothing about running that is simultaneous. 0.2  There is a correlation between running and writing: that when we put feet to pavement we put pen [...]

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Writers on Writing #114: Bernadette Geyer

by JHow December 1, 2016

Two Ways of Reading a Book And doesn’t he sometimes wonder whether he has gained most or lost most by learning his trade? —from “Two Ways of Seeing a River,” [...]

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Writers on Writing #113: L. L. Wohlwend

by JHow November 17, 2016

On Writing through Grief A flash of thunder belts the city as I lie on my loveseat, reading, my feet hanging off the edge, my head cocooned in a pillow. [...]

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