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Part Muscle, Part Metaphor, Part Pain: A Review of Andrea Scarpino’s What the Willow Said As It Fell

by JHow October 4, 2016

Andrea Scarpino’s What the Willow Said As It Fell begins with an epigraph by Florence Williams: “Our bodies, I learned, are not like temples. They are more like trees.” The [...]

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Hunting with Brian Castner: A review of All the Ways We Kill and Die

by JHow September 6, 2016

by Brandon Davis Jennings The idea that all the readers of the world are sitting around waiting for the book that best sums up our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan [...]

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Risen from Sawdust and Sweat (and Maybe Snow): A Review of Adam Schuitema’s Haymaker

by JHow June 16, 2016

by Michael Berry One Friday night during my first winter in Marquette, some fellow graduate students and I braved a snowstorm for post-reading beers at a dive bar that more [...]

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So Open My Heart Hurts: A Review of Sarah Vap’s Viability

by JHow April 20, 2016

by Sarah Bates Where there is no love, put abstract animals. Where there is no love, put lipstick. Put mascara. Put lipstick down the throat of a rat.* Where there [...]

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“Here is a dying we can all embrace”: A Review of Lisa Fay Coutley’s Errata

by JHow December 10, 2015

When we feel empty, a natural tendency is to seek distraction—to fill ourselves with anything. But what can be gained from turning inward to face the emptiness directly? The Tao [...]

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The Cannibalism of Craft? A Review of Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy by Robin McCarthy

by JHow September 10, 2015

  The Cannibalism of Craft The concept behind Dinty W.  Moore’s new book on writing creative nonfiction, Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy: Advice and Confessions on Writing, Love, and Cannibals, [...]

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Finding Home in the Snow and Rock: Place in Here: Women Writing on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

by JHow August 28, 2015

Finding Home in the Snow and Rock: Place in Here: Women Writing on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula by Ashley Adams Despite being a lifelong resident of Michigan, I only now feel somewhat [...]

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Finding Home: Jill Talbot’s The Way We Weren’t

by JHow July 15, 2015

Finding Home: Jill Talbot’s The Way We Weren’t by Ryan Kauffman My mom, sister, and I moved 21 times before my 18th birthday. We didn’t talk about it much, but we [...]

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Past-Tensing: A Review of Andrea Scarpino’s Once, Then

by JHow August 1, 2014

by Amy Elisabeth Hansen My gramps died slowly over three years. Toward the end, my husband and I made the eight-hour drive from Marquette, Michigan, to suburban Chicago as often [...]

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Braiding Spaces

by JHow March 27, 2014

A review of Jim Daniels’ Birth Marks by Zarah Moeggenberg Before sitting down to reflect on Jim Daniels’ Birth Marks, I must mention that I had read it on four [...]

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