The Blood Mouth by Zachary Doss

by JHow September 26, 2016

Associate fiction editor Jason Teal on today’s bonus story: It’s an all-too familiar plot: Moving to a new place changes someone dear to you. The switch turns out not to [...]

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Writers on Writing #109: Matt Fogarty

by JHow September 22, 2016

14 Floors: On Walking and Writing and Progress I recently started a new job. This, after three years of MFA and another year of occasional employment while finishing a book [...]

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Notes From Crew Quarters–Stranger Things (But Not Those Things)

by Ethan Brightbill September 16, 2016

This week, Associate Fiction Editor Ethan Brightbill asked our editors to share the strangest thing they’ve ever researched for their writing. Tianli Kilpatrick Associate Editor, Nonfiction Massachusetts Alice in Wonderland [...]

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Writers on Writing #108: Wendy A. Gaudin

by JHow September 15, 2016

Unwanted Letters Ever since I was a little girl, with two heavy braids hanging down my back like the long, lit traces of sprinting stars, my gaze has been strewn [...]

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Kayfabe: A Not-at-all Staged Interview with Dan Mancilla

by JHow September 13, 2016

Below, friend of PN Brandon Davis Jennings interviews Dan Mancilla, who’s novella The Deathmask of El Gaucho won The Little Presque Books Novella Prize and is available from Passages North. [...]

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Notes From Crew Quarters–Lines That Linger

by Ethan Brightbill September 9, 2016

This week, Associate Fiction Editor Ethan Brightbill asked our editors and contributors what sentences or lines inspire them as writers. Jessica Goodfellow Contributor, “The Girl Whose Favorite Color is Eigengrau” [...]

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Writers on Writing #107: Claire Schroeder

by JHow September 8, 2016

Every Acid Dealer Gets Busted Eventually It is not unusual to encounter mnemonic devices in the study of music performance, most of which tend to find employ at the early [...]

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Hunting with Brian Castner: A review of All the Ways We Kill and Die

by JHow September 6, 2016

by Brandon Davis Jennings The idea that all the readers of the world are sitting around waiting for the book that best sums up our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan [...]

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Notes From Crew Quarters–Sauna Session

by Ethan Brightbill September 2, 2016

This week, Associate Fiction Editor Ethan Brightbill puts a UP twist on a common question: if you could spend an hour at a sauna with any famous writer, who would [...]

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Notes from Crew Quarters–Writing Struggles

by Ethan Brightbill August 26, 2016

This week, Associate Fiction Editor Ethan Brightbill asked our editors what they struggle with most in their writing. Hayley Fitz Associate Editor, Fiction Cleveland, Ohio I have a hard time [...]

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