Writers on Writing #95: Lesléa Newman

by JHow October 20, 2014

Dear Professor H., It’s been more than forty years since I took your Introduction to Creative Writing Class, yet I still remember that very first Tuesday morning when I sat [...]

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Writers on Writing #94: Marilyn Abildskov

by JHow October 13, 2014

Paperback Writer I published my first book when I was 42 years old. I’d just moved from Iowa City to Berkeley, California, for a full-time teaching job when the book [...]

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The Eleventh Annual Tuscola County Kissing Contest by Laura Citino

by JHow October 9, 2014

Associate fiction editor Annie Bilancini on today’s story: I’ll just come right out and say it: I’m a sucker for the collective-we narrator. It’s ancient, right? The Greek chorus trudging [...]

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Writers on Writing #93: by Lori Tucker-Sullivan

by JHow October 6, 2014

Writing my Way Through Writing has always been a part of my life, but the degrees to which I’ve nurtured it have ebbed and flowed over time, like tides rolling [...]

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The Gingerbread Man by Donald Illich

by JHow October 1, 2014

Associate poetry editor Francis McGill on today’s poem: Donald Illich gives the gingerbread man new life and even a real conscience, a conscience with not so much a moral hinge, [...]

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An Interview with Fiction Editor Timston Johnston

by JHow September 29, 2014

by Michael Giddings & Matthew Weinkam “There’s been a change of plans,” says Tim. I’m at the front table in Babycakes, a local bakery in downtown Marquette, my notepad filled [...]

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Writers on Writing #92: Nate Pritts

by JHow September 23, 2014

Origin Stories Ask any two poets how they became what they are – when they first realized they were going to devote themselves to the writing of poetry – and [...]

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Writers on Writing #91: Anne Valente

by JHow September 18, 2014

Cicada, Snail Shell, Origin I grew up with a wooden metronome, a ticking steeple on my teacher’s upright piano. It kept time in her living room where our lessons were [...]

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Writers on Writing #90: Chelsea Biondolillo

by JHow September 15, 2014

The Essayist Stutters, Stops, Starts, Goes There’s an image making its round on social media of a Venn diagram with a circle labeled “Absolute Narcissism” and a circle labeled “Crippling [...]

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Writers on Writing #89: Jason M. Jones

by JHow September 5, 2014

Barcelona—In flagrante delicto 1. You plan to write a novel called Barcelona. The idea comes late at night while you’re listening to a Rufus Wainwright song. The song seems to [...]

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