The Books by Young Rader

by JHow May 18, 2015

Managing editor Matt Weinkam on today’s short: This is my favorite kind of fiction. “The Books” moves fast, reads funny, and appears light, but surprises with strange turns and glimpses [...]

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How to Celebrate a Birthday by John Hart

by JHow May 13, 2015

Sarah Bates on today’s bonus poem: How much of ourselves do we give to the mundane? To Tuesday and Thursday, back stairwells and morning? How much of our life is [...]

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Notes from Crew Quarters — Lit Mag Names

by MikeJacoby May 4, 2015

This week, Mike Jacoby asked our crew what they would name their fantasy lit mag. Amy Hansen Associate Editor, Poetry Sycamore, Illinois I would call my journal “Meh” and publish [...]

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Writers on Writing #102: Jackson Connor

by JHow April 30, 2015

The Novel and Our Lives I never first set out to write anything about the steel mill. Rather, I came home from a twelve-hour shift one day, scrubbed the grease [...]

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Clairvoyance by Kimberly O’Connor

by JHow April 27, 2015

Tracy Haack on today’s bonus essay: Kimberly O’Connor pairs unexpected images to simultaneously grow and shrink the world. Her writing slows time to give the soul a moment outside of [...]

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Notes from Crew Quarters – Break Glass in Case of Zombies

by MikeJacoby April 24, 2015

In this week’s column, we get a taste of our staff’s contingency plans in the case of a zombie apocalypse. We also get to note how little mention is made [...]

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Animal Skin by Dana Diehl

by JHow April 23, 2015

Annie Bilancini on today’s bonus short”: Dana Diehl’s writing is symphonic. It’s a movement. On the page, the low hum of strings is matched with the lilt of a lone [...]

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Writers on Writing #101: Steven Moore

by JHow April 21, 2015

What Was True Then I try to imagine a specific reader in time and space. Sometimes I imagine myself. Not the current one, but a recent one: Steven back in [...]

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Notes from Crew Quarters—Snacks!

by MikeJacoby April 18, 2015

We asked our editors, As a teen what was your weird after-school snack? Jess Duncan Associate Editor, Poetry St. Louis, Missouri I used to eat a big bowl of ice [...]

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Jardins sous la pluie by Laura Donnelly

by JHow April 16, 2015

Amy Elisabeth Hansen says: My favorite moments in Laura Donnelly’s poem are the rustles. I love the “rustle of” in the first and third couplets and the implied rustle in [...]

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