Emergence of the Living Dead by Richard K. Weems

by JHow April 15, 2014

Associate fiction editors Michael Giddings and Matt Weinkam on the power of today’s story: Between Night of the, Dawn of the, Shaun of the, and now The Walking, we have had [...]

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Dear Mr. Gerald Stern, I liked your poem by Missy-Marie Montgomery

by JHow April 7, 2014

Associate fiction editor Robin McCarthy on why we selected today’s bonus fiction: This story is a love letter in the truest sense. We talk about there being a limited number [...]

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Writers on Writing #76: Emily Englehard

by JHow April 2, 2014

What We Build I recently realized that a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas seeps through the basement walls of one out of every fifteen homes. It’s called radon. Prevalent in the [...]

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Braiding Spaces

by JHow March 27, 2014

A review of Jim Daniels’ Birth Marks by Zarah Moeggenberg Before sitting down to reflect on Jim Daniels’ Birth Marks, I must mention that I had read it on four [...]

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Was That the Time We Walked Through a Field or “The Most Dangerous Game”? by Anthony Varallo

by JHow March 25, 2014

Associate fiction editor Sofie Harsha, on today’s story: The world Anthony Varallo imagines in this piece managed to simultaneously evoke in me both a sense of dread and a sense [...]

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Josh Weston interviews GLCL fiction contest judge Caitlin Horrocks

by Tim Johnston March 19, 2014

Josh Weston wants to tell a more complicated story about the founding of the GLCL and its inaugural fiction contest, but it turns out it may not be that hard [...]

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Interview with GLCL fiction contest winner Joe Sacksteder

by Tim Johnston March 18, 2014

Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters founder Josh Weston talks with Joe Sacksteder, winner of this year’s GLCL Fiction Contest about writing, music, cartoons, and more. Read Joe’s prize-winning story here and [...]

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Expostulation by Thomas Cook

by JHow March 17, 2014

Managing Editor Tim Johnston and Nonfiction/Hybrids Editor Matthew Gavin Frank wildly over-introduce today’s bonus essay. Tim Johnston: If I had to guess what Matthew Gavin Frank would say about “Expostulation,” [...]

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Contest deadlines extended until Friday, March 21.

by JHow March 15, 2014

It appears our website was down yesterday, the day before we were set to close our two prose contests. What terrible timing for a glitch! So we’ll keep the contests [...]

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Chato by E. Nolan

by JHow March 11, 2014

My wife and I named Chato after the diner we ate at once on the outskirts of El Paso, Texas. We both fell in love with the name and decided [...]

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