An Interview with Fiction Editor Timston Johnston

by JHow September 29, 2014

by Michael Giddings & Matthew Weinkam “There’s been a change of plans,” says Tim. I’m at the front table in Babycakes, a local bakery in downtown Marquette, my notepad filled [...]

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Writers on Writing #92: Nate Pritts

by JHow September 23, 2014

Origin Stories Ask any two poets how they became what they are – when they first realized they were going to devote themselves to the writing of poetry – and [...]

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Writers on Writing #91: Anne Valente

by JHow September 18, 2014

Cicada, Snail Shell, Origin I grew up with a wooden metronome, a ticking steeple on my teacher’s upright piano. It kept time in her living room where our lessons were [...]

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Writers on Writing #90: Chelsea Biondolillo

by JHow September 15, 2014

The Essayist Stutters, Stops, Starts, Goes There’s an image making its round on social media of a Venn diagram with a circle labeled “Absolute Narcissism” and a circle labeled “Crippling [...]

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Writers on Writing #89: Jason M. Jones

by JHow September 5, 2014

Barcelona—In flagrante delicto 1. You plan to write a novel called Barcelona. The idea comes late at night while you’re listening to a Rufus Wainwright song. The song seems to [...]

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Writers on Writing #88: Alexis Paige

by JHow September 2, 2014

Remembering the Cockroaches: On Doubt in Creative Nonfiction When I tell people I write creative nonfiction, I take a deep breath and wait—depending on the company, the response usually ranges [...]

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Writers on Writing #87: Joan Frank

by JHow August 5, 2014

What Would John Williams Do? It’s a beautiful party on a beautiful hillside, a soft, midsummer afternoon’s dream. The ranch-style home commands expansive views: golden countryside spreads below, warm and [...]

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Past-Tensing: A Review of Andrea Scarpino’s Once, Then

by JHow August 1, 2014

by Amy Elisabeth Hansen My gramps died slowly over three years. Toward the end, my husband and I made the eight-hour drive from Marquette, Michigan, to suburban Chicago as often [...]

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Writers on Writing #86: Laura Davenport

by JHow July 28, 2014

On Literary Relationships It’s six a.m. in Savannah and the email I’ve been waiting for arrives, the subject simply “poem.” My husband is in Prague for five weeks at the [...]

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Writers on Writing #87: Matthew Burnside

by JHow July 25, 2014

On Bitterness I’ll confess right away to being a hypocrite. I’ve written a lot about the unseemliness of bitterness in the past, of the very human petty envies that arise [...]

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