Native Strand by Laura Romeyn

by JHow February 25, 2015

Associate poetry editor Jessica Duncan on today’s bonus poem: Laura Romeyn’s “Native Strand” explores the feelings of inner chaos, of a quiet and subtle panic. This poem is covered in [...]

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Brand, a spoken-word poem by Zarah Moeggenberg

by JHow January 30, 2015

Listen to the poem here. Brand She said she pictured everything, her father’s body leaning into Gemini soft in the light, that the daylight would be fleeting the open doors [...]

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Writers on Writing #100: Zarah C. Moeggenberg

by JHow January 30, 2015

Note: you can listen to a spoken-word version of Zarah Moeggenbergs’s Writers On Writing essay, as well as her spoken-word poem “Brand,” which she discusses below. Dancing in the Palouse: Finding [...]

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To You, Who Never by M. Ann Hull

by JHow January 26, 2015

To You, Who Never Associate poetry editor Sarah Bates on today’s bonus poem: How do we get from broken to beauty? Find hope in the hurt? Hull’s “To You, Who [...]

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Writers on Writing #99: Matthew Burnside

by JHow January 23, 2015

The Devil (and God) in the Details We don’t often see how strange we are until we look back and are overburdened with the incriminating, undeniable evidence of our awkwardness. [...]

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Writers on Writing #98: Daniel Nester

by JHow January 20, 2015

Type Hard or Go Home: In Praise of the Clicky Keyboard Late in the last millennium, I belonged to the Writers Room, an urban writers’ colony on Astor Place. After [...]

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Baptism by Dan Mancilla

by JHow January 14, 2015

Associate fiction editor Mike Berry on today’s story: Have you ever wondered what happens when a family finds a porch full of dirt after they baptize their first child? Me [...]

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Hayloft by Amie Whittemore

by JHow January 8, 2015

Associate poetry editor Sarah Bates on today’s bonus poem: It’s been months since I first read “Hayloft,” and since then I’ve been walking around with a “nubbin of cat purr” [...]

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Writers on Writing #97: Alex McElroy

by JHow January 5, 2015

On Writhing: A Closer Look at an Underappreciated Art Recently, in the graduate level workshop I teach, I paused class while discussing a student’s work to ask a simple, straightforward [...]

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Rockets by Justin Carter

by JHow January 2, 2015

Assistant fiction editor Eli Hemmila on today’s bonus story: I remember watching the bombing of Baghdad from the couch in my parents’ living room. I was thirteen and, man, it [...]

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