Complaint re: Micropeople by Aaron Morris

by JHow April 27, 2017

Assistant editor Tony Piatti on today’s bonus story: Colonization meets consumerism in this formally written complaint by Aaron Morris. Complaint re: MicropeopleTM is a disquieting expression of consumer expectations in [...]

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Arabesque No. 1 by Lillian Kwok

by JHow April 25, 2017

Editorial intern Brian Czyzyk on today’s bonus poem: Delicate and magical, Lillian Kwok’s poem “Arabesque” begins with birds, and dances through fantastic images of the natural world. Here unfolds a [...]

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In through a Door, out a Window by Elijah Matthew Tubbs

by JHow April 20, 2017

Editor-in-Chief Jennifer A. Howard on today’s bonus short: Elijah Tubbs’ curious, twisty descent into language and history and violence left me feeling like myself at 8, spinning for kicks in [...]

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Teachers Tell Me that from Far by Jessica Morey-Collins

by JHow April 18, 2017

Assistant poetry editor Stephen Wardell on today’s bonus poem: This poem by Jessica Morey-Collins flies in a circular motion, uniting families in the suburb with ghosts in the desert. In [...]

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When Michael Turns Fish by Francine Witte

by JHow April 12, 2017

Editorial intern Brandon Hanson on today’s bonus story: This story is as sweet as it is strange. This fishy tale will hook you in the heart. When Michael Turns Fish [...]

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Don’t give up: an interview with PN poetry contest judge Ocean Vuong

by JHow April 3, 2017

We are happy to announce this year’s 2017 Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize will be judged by the author of the best-selling Night Sky with Exit Wounds, Ocean Vuong. Winner of the [...]

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Why We Can’t by Michael Hurley

by JHow March 29, 2017

Associate nonfiction editor Alex Clark on today’s bonus short: Michael Hurley’s “Why We Can’t,” part ashy montage and part cyclical musing on place, mimics its subject of a creaking Ferris [...]

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Writers on Writing #120: Helen Chandler

by JHow March 22, 2017

Compose Email I want to write only in the least committed way possible, that is, in email drafts or text messages I send to myself, notes on my phone or [...]

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Fog People by L. W. Nicholson

by JHow March 20, 2017

Associate fiction editor Sarah David on today’s bonus story: L. W. Nicholson starts us with sexy braided arm hair and leads us to the mystique of the unknown. This tiny [...]

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Bibliophobia: Fear of Books by Cortney Lamar Charleston

by JHow March 16, 2017

Co-managing editor Jacqueline Boucher on today’s bonus poem: “Bibliophobia: A Fear of Books,” like the rest of Cortney L. Charleston’s debut collection Telepathologies, is a haunting examination of generational racial [...]

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