Issue 37

Cover Art by Evan Prout
Hrushka Nonfiction Prize
Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson On Nostalgia
Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize
Lindsay Means Antikythera
KT Landon The Dead Go Bowling


Carole Maso On Existence: A Treatise on Snow
Thalia Field Natural Rights
Kristine Ervin Motherline
David LeGault All I Ever Wanted Is What Others Left Behind
Christina Kapp The Mole
Nick Neely Chanty
Lawrence Lenhart This Taxidermy Will Be Mounted to an Interior Wall


Hybrid Essays
Lisa Nikolidakis Fan Mail: A Lyric Essay in Five Acts
Lindsey Drager In Defense of Anachronism: or, W.G. Sebald Interviews Me
Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wade 42 Ways to Throw a Party
Dennis James Sweeney from In the Antarctic Circle
Ander Monson Invisible Cities
For an Elephant Historian


Short Shorts
Ashley Seitz Kramer Shee-lah
The Bath
Kevin O’Cuinn Iso-something
Megan Giddings Three Boyfriends
William VanDenBerg Punnett Squares
Stephanie Lenox 3.141592653589793238462543383
Ducks Redux
Steve Finbow Return of the Minotaur


Gabrielle Hovendon Saranac
Liz Breazeale Survival in the Plague Years
Roya Khatiblou Assemblage
Kelsie Hahn Naming the Baby
LaToya Watkins Peeling
Richard Mirabella Care
Nick Kocz Chimpanzees
Kami Westhoff The Fifth Pull


Michael Marberry Barn in Winter
Chase Twichell Mom’s Playthings
Strangers’ Houses
Crickets at the End of the World
Laura Donnelly Exodus
Kaitlin LaMoine Martin Love Letter from the Cellar
Nick Lantz Taxidermy: Ars Poetica
Taxidermy: Deer Hoof Gun Rack
Mark Wagenaar Ant Hour Gospel (The Body Distances)
Mariela Griffor Winner
Lucien Darjeun Meadows Anorexia as a Dragonfly
Woman of the Woods: Damien Hirst
David Ebenbach The Philosopher Points
Page Turner
Lisa Haag Kang Stiletto Moon
Sun Down
Benjamin Goldberg Shoreline Ghazal
Pantoum with Pharmaceutical Warning
Katie Hartsock Metropolitan
Regina DiPerna Vigil in Scorpio
Home Movie
MacKenzie Regier Non Parlo
Gator Song
Robert Krut Juliette at the Bureau
Sandra Kolankiewicz Evicted
Monica Berlin The other night, we stood in front of the picture
Corey Van Landingham In Which I Misread the Title of One of My Boyfriend’s Books as Devotional Paleontology
Michael Madonick The Absence of Loss
Dorothy Hamill and All-The-Fajitas-You-Can-Eat
Hannah Baggott Do I Have a Body, or Am I a Body?
Joseph Mulholland Dorothea Tanning in Sedona, Arizona
Jennifer Givhan Nieve in the Desert Circus
Ellen Stone Argument
Norman Dubie Monologue of the One and Zero
Little Mila’s Still Life
Catherine Bresner That Gentleman’s Romantic Shadow
Peter Munro Fitness Value of Blind Faith
John A. Nieves Evaporation (Conjunctio)
Emily Rose Cole She Remembers the First Time
The Witch of the East Calls a Council
Jenna Bazzell We’ve Been Saying Goodbye All Morning
Lauren Winchester Something Like a Grin
Love Poem for a Planet
Joseph Fasano Triumph
Cal Freeman How to Work a Cutting Horse
Kevin Weidner A Very Nice Dinner
Ash Bowen The Other Story of Sea Monkeys
Robert Levy The Swamp Road
M. Ann Hull My Mother, Born in Summer, Had Winter Babies
Partridge Boswell Husbandry
Richard Prins Pantoum Found in Jesus’ Son
P. Ivan Young Thirteen Stories of Finding Jesus
Amie Whittemore The White Doe
Suzanne Parker Possibly Picasso’s
Olga Rukovets In Memory


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