Issue 32

Cover Art by Ian Stewart
Prize Winners
Tori Malcangio A History of Heartbeats
Darren Morris The Weight of the World
Edith Pearlman Sentimental Ballads
Jendi Reiter Altitude
Thomas Yori That Day


Kristine Somerville The Dresser
Sarah Takes Flight
Happy Valley
Monica McFawn A Country Woman
Gail Seneca Geography Lesson
Julie Iromuanya Aunty Stays
Mabel Yu How You Spend Your Day
Krista Mann Floating Away from the Moon
Elizabeth Dirkse Drawings
Ernest K. Allaire Deep River Blues
Ryan Futrell, Kevin Heath Stick Shift
Timothy Samuel Scott Flashcards with Mrs. Barnes, 1974
Yvette Ward-Horner Oh Tree
Wendi Lee Irene and the Pale Man
Christine Grimes The Ending Matters


Kristin Berger Touching Bear
Jan Shoemaker The Winter of My Bisque-Intent
Richard Hackler No, No, November
Lisa K. Harris Dementia
Lili Wright Lobster Quadrille
Janet Yoder Coffee Is a Blessing: An Alphabet of Espresso


Traci Brimhall The Women are Ordered to Clear the Bodies of Suitors Slain by Ulysses
A Dead Woman Speaks to Her Resurrectionist
The Saints Go Marching
Kingdom Come
Bob Hicok Art: a review
tough, love
The welcome
The story of poetry
Frank Giampietro It Takes Two Men to Replace Me, Honey
As My Wife Cleans Up the Last
dawn lonsinger She Had No Elbows
She Had No Bubble Wrap
She Had No Feet
She Had No Throat
Nick Courtright Tyrannosaurus
Matthew Thorburn Vertigo
David Hargreaves Summer Rental
Cancer Tale
Christian Anton Gerard Apotheosis
Tom Laverty Snow
Luke Johnson After the Ark
Sarah J. Sloat From the Back of My Mind
Table, Uncleared
Matthew Nienow The End of the Folded Map
The Necklace
Kristin Robertson White Birds
Christina Olson The Opposite of Suicide
Rebecca Morgan Frank Residential
Nicole Higgins How All Becomes Right with the World
Piso Mojado
Sandy Longhorn Estate Planning: Reliquaries
Naming the Storm
Barbara Duffey I Run Errands by Myself
Dolly Shepherd and the Scientific Method
How to Bake the Famed Cushion Cake,
Requisite for Bridal Showers and a Favorite of Our Staff
Jason Tandon Neighbors
Gary Leising First Day of Class in British Literature
Sara Tracey Back to the Rookery
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