Issue 27

Cover Art by Greg Otto
Emma Wunsch Marshall, Drowning
Diane Allenberg Thanksgiving
Perry Glasser The Veldt
Alexandra Leake How To Be A Moron
Sean Padraic McCarthy On the Precipice of Sleep
Lolette Kuby Body Image: A Fable
Autumn Arnold The Sideline
Arlene Eisenberg Walking on Ice
Miriam Moeller Speaking With My Mouth Shut
John Poch Dr. Warner Mourns His Wife
Francine Witte Spy Story
Tami Anderson Rigatoni Superman


Anne Panning Trailer Court: Rolling
Ryan Wilson Nation Building
Jacob M. Appel She Loves Me Not
Jeff P. Jones Children of Cain
Gregory Fraser Robert Phillips: From Madison Avenue to Breakdown Lane and Beyond


Frannie Lindsay The Chores
Mother’s Body, November
The Stops
Bob Hicok Weather report
Romance novel
Esther Lee The Good Girl Montage
Truth is
Kristen Henderson The Smoker
Jennifer Foerster Creation: Moon
Derek Sheffield Living on James Wright
John Pursley III Hammerhead on the Atlantic
Matthew Thorburn And Nadine was Like
Fred Peg’s Didgeridoo
Horse Poetica
Bruce Bond The Embalmer’s Daughter Studies Ears
Kathleen Rooney The Celebrated Chop Waltz
Shana Deets What I returned
Scott K. Odom Bone Dance
William Jolliff Lavender
Paul Guest The Numbers are Not In
Hadara Bar-Nadav Flood of Excess
Lost Semaphores
Walking on the Porch
Pamela McClure The January House Seals Shut
You Asked for this Poem
House Pastoral
Walking The Edge Of the Pasture
William Watt Eclog LXV
Jacqueline Kolosov-Wenthe Syncope
Charles Harper Webb Eat a Spoonful; It’s Candy
Theodore Worozbyt Mise en Place
Darrell Bourque The Owl in Vita Sackville-West’s Garden
Where Land Meets Sky
Wyeth and Helga in Autumn
David Welch Free Market
Matthew Guenette The Happening
The Lesson
Amanda Yskamp Fetishes and Proper Names
Birds of Prayer
Fictional Limits
Brad Richard The Latch
Jessie L. Janeshek In Old Dutch Paintings
Tell Me How Zeros Spread
Miles Waggener Relic Tour
Jesse Lee Kercheval Cherokee Marsh
Michelle Mitchell-Foust At El Campo Santo (The Holy Fields)
Drive from Westminster
Mitchell Metz Unremarkable
Phillip Crymble Decoration
Open Air Market
South Side
Adam Day Our Lady of Lebanon Church, Brooklyn Heights
Night Sea
To a Suicide
James Grinwis Chest of Broken Things
Ethan Bull Ars Poetica: Pay a Million Priests
Matthew Sadler Monsoon
Jonelle Wilkinson Seitz Alice’s Paul on TV
Christopher Davis The Embarrassment of Riches
Henry Hughes Guarding the Dump
I Eat the Fins
John Jenkinson King’s Harlot to Rook One
Lot’s Daughters
Henry Israeli Dirge for New Amsterdam
Found Object
The Salve: 2004
Maria Terrone Omega Train
Seaside Stonehenge
Ann McGovern My Husband Died Three Months Ago
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