Notes from Crew Quarters–New Year’s Resolutions

by robertball on February 7, 2018

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We asked our editors how their New Year’s resolutions are going after the first month of 2018.

Bill Nyfeler
Associate Nonfiction Editor
Northern Michigan University

I have resolved never to answer these crew quarters questio… DOH!

Jennifer Howard
Escanaba, Michigan

I’ve resolved to say “thank you for listening” instead of “I’m sorry I bothered you with my feelings.” So far so good!

Tianli Kilpatrick
Associate Editor
Northern Michigan University

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I would like to graduate.

Ginny MacDonald
Associate Nonfiction Editor
Dowagiac, Michigan

I have resolutions, I just don’t make them. Which causes my failures to be even more demoralizing.

Ethan Brightbill
Associate Fiction Editor
Allentown, Pennsylvania

I resolved years ago never to make another New Year’s resolution, and I have been quite diligent in upholding that.

Jacob Hall
Associate Fiction Editor
Decatur, Illinois

I’ve learned that the best way to avoid disappointing myself is to never set any real expectations. You can’t blow your resolutions if you don’t have any.

Robert Ball
Dearborn, Michigan

I would like to eat less pizza. So far I’ve just substituted it with other junk food. So technically it’s going well?

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