Notes from Crew Quarters — Literary Halloween Costumes

by robertball on October 27, 2017

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Photo by Greg Gunn

This week, our editors and interns were asked what literary characters they would like to dress up as for Halloween!

Jennifer Howard
Escanaba, Michigan

None of you better say Harriet the Spy because she’s mine.

Ethan Brightbill
Associate Fiction Editor, Fiction
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Kylo Ren counts as a literary character, right? Right.

Krys Malcolm Belc
Associate Fiction Editor, Fiction
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I would love to do a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory group costume with my family but they are way too cool for that.

Willow Grosz
Managing Editor
Talkeetna, Alaska

I think I dressed up as Bunnicula three different times as a kid. Vampire fangs and bunny ears forever.

Jacob Hall
Associate Fiction Editor
Decatur, Illinois

When I was young, I got a hooded mask with a dark face cover, so you couldn’t see what was inside. I picked up a stick from the yard and draped what might have been a purple tablecloth over my shoulders. I was the coolest Voldemort around. I think I’d do that again.

Sara Ryan
Associate Poetry Editor
Ann Arbor, Michigan

It would be cool to go as Sylvia Plath or Virginia Woolf or like Mary Shelley because they’re all creepy/badass lady writers. But most Sylvia costumes I’ve seen are kinda… oven-y and slightly tasteless. I’m going as a triceratops instead. Jurassic Park reference?

Skyler Sars
Editorial Intern
Miami, Florida

The March Hare.

Melissa Orzechowski
Volunteer Reader

For years I’ve wanted to dress up as a hambone (more specifically as Scout dressed as a hambone). Maybe this year I’ll actually get around to making the costume.

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