Notes From Crew Quarters–What We Don’t Write About

by Ethan Brightbill on February 17, 2017

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This week, Associate Fiction Editor Ethan Brightbill asked our staff what themes or subjects they actively avoid writing about.

Ashley Adams
Associate Editor Emeritus, Nonfiction
Watervliet, Michigan

I mean, I try not to write about monster girls, but it keeps happening!

Krys Malcolm Belc
Associate Editor, Fiction
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


E. Flores
Associate Editor, Poetry
Bowie, Maryland


Tianli Kilpatrick
Associate Editor, Nonfiction


Brian Czyzyk
Traverse City, Michigan

Anything existential. I have enough personal crises as is, I don’t need them to infect my writing.

Jacqueline Boucher
Managing Editor
Juneau, Alaska

I want nothing to do with writing that even gestures toward co-opting the suffering involved in experiences that aren’t mine. There are people who write those experiences whose voices deserved to be amplified more than mine. People’s struggles aren’t a metaphor for my life. Ever.

Also, place-based writing, I guess, being that I’m rootless trash and all.

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