Notes From Crew Quarters–Mythology

by Ethan Brightbill on February 26, 2017

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This week, Associate Fiction Editor Ethan Brightbill asked our staff what mythologies interest them.

Jacob Hall
Associate Editor, Fiction
Decatur, Illinois

I blitzed through five Percy Jackson books when I was burnt to a crisp on an awful family vacation. I’ve loved Greek mythology ever since.

Ethan Brightbill
Associate Editor, Fiction
Allentown, Pennsylvania

I have a character in a story I’m working on who has an interest in Norse mythology, and her knowledge presents an opportunity for all sorts of figurative language. The Germanic idea of doom, and specifically that one can occasionally recognize one’s doom, is something I’m trying to have fun with.

Tianli Kilpatrick
Associate Editor, Nonfiction

Forever Greek mythology. But also Norse, Egyptian, and Celtic…it’s hard to pick a single favorite.

E. Flores
Associate Editor, Poetry
Bowie, Maryland

I would have to say I always get snagged by how well documented and complex the mythology of Arda is. It’s not the most well-known mythology in the world, but Bolbi Stroganovsky’s books and videos on the subject is how I first really encountered it.

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