September 2015

Notes from Crew Quarters–Words that Stick With Us

by Ben Kinney September 25, 2015

This week, we asked our editors about a line from a poem, story, or book that has stuck with them. Jacque Boucher Spoken Word Poetry Juneau, Alaska “When they make […]

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Notes from Crew Quarters–Our Presidential Picks

by Ben Kinney September 18, 2015

This week’s Notes from Crew Quarters question: With the imminent presidencies of Donald Trump and Kanye West on the horizon, which celebrity/public figure you would want to run for president? […]

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Notes from Crew Quarters–Click Here to Procrastinate

by Ben Kinney September 11, 2015

The semester has begun again, which means one thing for our editors: procrastination! This week, we asked them how they procrastinate. Annie Bilancini Associate Editor, Fiction Cleveland, Ohio Lately, I’ve […]

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The Cannibalism of Craft? A Review of Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy by Robin McCarthy

by JHow September 10, 2015

  The Cannibalism of Craft The concept behind Dinty W.  Moore’s new book on writing creative nonfiction, Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy: Advice and Confessions on Writing, Love, and Cannibals, […]

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Broken Silence by Brok’N Sylance

by JHow September 9, 2015

Spoken-word editor Jacqueline Boucher on today’s poem: What’s in a name? In “Broken Silence,” Brok’N Sylance examines identity with a careful ear to rhythm. The poem builds on the strength […]

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Broken Silence by Brok’ N Sylance (transcript)

by JHow September 6, 2015

Broken Silence Am no alcoholic but know the first step is admitting it. So yes I am Brok’N Sylance, and this voice is my evidence. This stage is my residence. […]

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Pleasure Like Grief by Sarah Pape

by JHow September 3, 2015

Associate nonfiction editor Jenna Quartararo on today’s bonus essay: A beautiful mediation on perversion. Pape’s dreamy, lush prose explores the boundaries between our unconscious selves and our waking life, between […]

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