June 2014

Writers on Writing #82: Matthew Fogarty

by JHow June 19, 2014

On Starting Every story is an impossibility and every time I start a new one there’s a long moment when I believe in that impossibility. To write a story is […]

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I Said, You Said, Red Said, Blue Said by Tom Rich

by JHow June 17, 2014

The other day, I stumbled across a list of writing tips from Elmore Leonard. I’ve never read any Elmore Leonard novels, though I kind of want to now. At any […]

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Writers on Writing #81: Devin Kelly

by JHow June 10, 2014

Truth-Seeking: On the Art of Finding Truth in Fiction In a recent workshop at school, a professor told my fellow students and I that “all fiction is inherently a lie.” […]

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The Men Who Flew Away by Justin Brouckaert

by JHow June 4, 2014

Tim Johnston on today’s new story: A conversation about “the real” is never something I want to get into, but I’m always pulled into the technicalities of the idea. I’ve […]

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