February 2014

Writers on Writing #75: Molly Howes

by JHow February 24, 2014

Mom at MacDowell Maybe it was finally having time, at my first writers’ residency, time to fall under the spell of my own rhythm. Maybe it was the other artists […]

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Writers on Writing #74: Donald C. Welch III

by JHow February 20, 2014

@SocialLit I write poetry to create order out of chaos. When I was in middle school, my family moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina, leaving behind all our friends and […]

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Writers on Writing #73: Snowden Wright

by JHow February 18, 2014

The Fictional Gordon Lish The day he visited a class I was in, Gordon Lish, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses a bit too large, seemed to have some kind […]

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The Kidnapping by Ann Stewart McBee

by JHow February 13, 2014

Associate fiction editor Matt Weinkam on today’s story: “The Kidnapping” is a covert operation. Like the infidelity it describes, the story is full of secrets and disguises, of pleasure and […]

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Interview with our prose contest judges, Connie Voisine and Rus Bradburd.

by JHow February 12, 2014

Passages North hosts two prose contests every other year: the Waasnode (Anishinaabe for “Northern Lights”) Fiction Prize for short stories up to 10,000 words and the Neutrino Short-Short Prize for […]

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Writers on Writing #72: Tabitha Blankenbiller

by JHow February 11, 2014

Image Problem Before I moved from Portland to Tucson (a surprise last year to accommodate my husband’s job relocation), I had a litany of reasons why I couldn’t. None of […]

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We Eat at Hooters, It Takes All Day by Victoria McArtor

by JHow February 6, 2014

Managing editor Tim Johnston: I’ve only been to one Hooters—the one in Traverse City during early November, a few months after the last cabin owners moved back to the South, […]

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What Have YOU Been Doing? by Tom Rich

by JHow February 3, 2014

As writers, I suspect we often have to answer that question, asked both by ourselves and other people, both implicitly and explicitly. For instance, my last Lies, Damned Lies, and […]

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