November 2013

Pushcart Prize nominations!

by JHow November 25, 2013

Passages North editors have nominated the following works and authors for Pushcarts. So many thanks to these authors for sharing their work with our magazine. After the Flood the Captain […]

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Writers on Writing #66: Willa Elizabeth Schmidt

by JHow November 21, 2013

Hair as Subversion What keeps me from writing? A million details of life. Reading the paper, buying groceries, jogging. Visiting friends, drinking coffee, reading. Reading, reading, reading. Doing dishes, haunting […]

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Writers on Writing #65: Christopher Lowe

by JHow November 14, 2013

Burn it Down My regular crew of early-draft readers are a patient bunch, but I’m worried that I might be testing their limits. I have been at work on The […]

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Writers on Writing #64: Paul Hostovsky

by JHow November 12, 2013

Poetry and Sex I went through a phase once where I only wrote sestinas. I was in love with the form, under the spell of the repetition. There is much […]

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Mǣl by Amy Wright

by JHow November 7, 2013

Mǣl from the Old English for measure, fixed time. ﺎA cubed Hanover Better Boy drizzles its citrus broth into a pudding of avocado. Bell peppers wait in the chopper to […]

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An interview with Jon Billman, PN’s new fiction editor

by JHow November 4, 2013

Passages North is delighted to introduce you to our new Fiction Editor, Jon Billman, author of the story collection When We Were Wolves. Below, he takes questions from our newest […]

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