October 2013

Writers on Writing #63: William Bradley

by JHow October 31, 2013

The Essayist’s Creed “You can have my isolation / You can have the hate that it brings.” –Nine Inch Nails I. In some ways, I feel like I have been […]

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Spoken Word: Saturday Morning Zumba at the YMCA by Rachel Gellman

by JHow October 28, 2013

Listen: Saturday Morning Zumba at the YMCA, read by the author. Rachel Gellman is a Bay Area-native poet and teacher living in San Diego. Her poems and book reviews appear or […]

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Writers on Writing #62: Richard Hackler

by JHow October 24, 2013

A note from the editor: Below is an invitation to Richard Hackler’s “Nation, Turn Your Lonely Eyes to Me,” a serialized piece-by-piece negotiation of a world in which jobs are […]

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Three Aborted Essays from Patrick Madden

by JHow October 22, 2013

[A note from the author: Partly to honor the long tradition of essayists disparaging their efforts (Montaigne called his essays “excrements of an aged mind”) and partly to counteract my […]

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Writers on Writing #61: Lisa Fay Coutley

by JHow October 10, 2013

Why to Kill Your Paradise Mina Loy said that a poet needs to have a place she loves, that is her whole heart, where she can never stay. That tension […]

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Writers on Writing #60: Peter Selgin

by JHow October 7, 2013

The Dropbox Some folks prefer not to discuss their failures, to keep them hidden away in fusty attics or dark file cabinet drawers, under the bed with the dust bunnies, […]

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