August 2013

Two poems from Adam Tavel

by JHow August 29, 2013

Infant Refuge      Texas, 1958 Seven months without a gig. Odessa can’t tell the difference between August and April. Bible-thumping DJs guess the drought will last until the good Lord thrusts […]

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Winner of GLCL Inaugural Fiction Contest Announced!

by JHow August 27, 2013

Josh Weston of the Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters bring us the following happy news: Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters, in conjunction with Passages North, is proud to announce that […]

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Writers on Writing #55: Mark R. Brand

by JHow August 26, 2013

Hazardous Word Choices; Or, I’m Going to Regret This Someday, I Just Know It I got really hung up on a word recently, and I wasn’t sure what to do […]

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Writers on Writing #54: Alex Gubbins

by JHow August 20, 2013

Oh, God of Poetry [Editor’s note: Poet Alex Gubbins’s recent venture into fiction-writing left him feeling a traitor to all poets. In the spoken-word essay below, Alex describes his struggles […]

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Writers on Writing #53: Nate Pritts

by JHow August 13, 2013

Undelivered Letters / Questions Without Answers – I figure, if you’re going to do something – no matter what it is – go all out. Push the limits. I have […]

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Writers on Writing #52: Ryan Werner

by JHow August 8, 2013

How to Make -$1377 the Hard Way Punk rock means that not only do all the eggs go in the basket, but you decide what the eggs and the basket […]

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Writers on Writing #51: Todd Fredson

by JHow August 6, 2013

Caesuras and White Space: Room for the Reader “[F]or I was not aware of the importance of health, I mean the absolute necessity of having a healthy body to avoid […]

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