March 2012

Susan Terris reading, Monday, April 2

by JHow March 30, 2012

Poet Susan Terris will read at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, April 2, in the Nicolet and Cadillac Rooms of NMU’s University Center. Susan Terris was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She […]

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Everything Together All at Once

by JHow March 26, 2012

by Tom Rich I took up fencing in college. It was a great way to stay active, gave me some moderately interesting stories, and allowed me to strike other students […]

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Don't Panic! by Jon Moe, on Flickr

The Contest Deadlines Approach!

by JHow March 14, 2012

For all of you procrastinators, you eleventh-hour workers, you deadline slaves, this is it! Our two fiction contests, the Waasmode Short Fiction Prize and the Just Desserts Short-Short Fiction Prize, […]

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Going Through the Basics

by JHow March 14, 2012

by Tom Rich I was chatting with my mom the other day, telling her about my current project. “It’s pretty dumb,” I said, “but I’m having a blast writing it.” […]

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Writers on Writing #19: Cameron Contois

by JHow March 12, 2012

In an episode of Family Guy, Brian Griffin, the pet dog and wanna-be writer of the Griffin family, says he’s going to give up on his dream of writing a […]

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Writers on Writing #18: Luke Thominet

by JHow March 11, 2012

An Open Letter to My Ugly Stepchildren Dear Stories I’ve Written, Please don’t be angry with me when I say that I far prefer other people’s stories. I know you’ve […]

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Writers on Writing #17: John Smolens

by JHow March 6, 2012

A Plague upon Everywriter In Albert Camus’s novel, The Plague, which is about a deadly epidemic that strikes Oran, a city on Africa’s Mediterranean coast, Joseph Grand aspires to write […]

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On Sloth

by JHow March 4, 2012

by Tom Rich I get all kinds of ornery—fightin’ mad, you might say—when writers go on and on about how prolific and productive and dedicated they are, how they suffer […]

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